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Handwriting Information Booklet

Spelling at Kings Meadow


Our system is as follows:

Spellings (Years 1-6) will be issued weekly on a Monday.

A Spelling Test will take place the following Monday.

All children will have a home, school spelling book.

Your child’s test scores will be recorded in the book (at the rear).


How can I help my child?

Make sure they bring their book in every Monday. Practise reading and writing their spellings. We are using the SPUD system – Say it, Practise it, Use it, Does it look right?

Encourage your child to practise frequently both writing and spelling aloud. When writing, it is important to check that your child is forming their letters in the cursive style.

Spellings - Parent/Carer Information

Accelerated Reading Library Area

Reading at Kings Meadow


Reading in Class 




In Key Stage 2, each class studies a class novel each term, and through 'Book Talk,' we discuss characters and make predictions.


Year 4, 5 and 6 are part of the 'Accelerated Reading' scheme. This has proved to be very popular with the children as they have a choice of books and are motivated to achieve full marks on their book quiz. Quizzes are taken using and IPad and the children are rewarded for 100% scores. See class pages for more information.


Reading Rocketeers


Reading Ambassadors



Reading Bears


We have two new pupils at Kings Meadow! Welcome to Frida Book and Rida Book (pronounced Reader). The twins have come to our school as they love reading and have heard that we are fantastic at reading. They enjoy listening to us reading aloud and sharing books.


Each week the bears visit the two classes that are showing the greatest effort and determination with reading. So lets remember to read at home regularly and bring our books into school daily.


Writing at Kings Meadow


Writing Awards