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Kings Meadow Primary School and Early Years Education Centre

Celebrating Success

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff of Kings Meadow:


Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Mrs. Lineton - Headteacher / Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Miss O'Brien - Deputy Headteacher / Inclusion Leader (SENDCo)  / Deputy DSL



Senior Management Team (SMT)

Miss Adkins - Curriculum Leader

Mrs. Bates - Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Leader

Mrs. Pearson - English Leader

Mr. Currie - Mathematics Leader



Teaching Teams


Nursery Team:

Teacher: Miss Buchanan

Teaching Assistants: Mrs. Dutton, Ms. Chase & Miss Summers


Reception Team:

Teacher: Miss Yates

Teaching Assistants: Miss Bayliff, Miss Steele, Ms. Reeman & Mrs. Robinson / Mrs. Moir


Year 1 Team:

Teacher: Mrs. Beesley

Teaching Assistant: Mrs. Fleming & Ms. Rodriguez


Year 2 Team:

Teacher: Mrs. Noone

Teaching Assistants: Miss Roberts & Mrs. Mawdsley


Year 3 Team:

Teacher: Mrs. Pearson (M-W) & Mrs. Hayes (Th-F)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs. Hayes (M-T) & Mrs. Stocker (W-F)


Year 4 Team:

Teacher: Miss Adkins

Teaching Assistant: Mrs. Lightfoot & Mr. Walker


Year 5 Team:

Teacher: Miss Bee

Teaching Assistant: Mrs. Graham & Mrs. Parker (P/T)


Year 6 Team:

Teachers: Mr. Currie 

Teaching Assistants: Mrs. Doran & Mrs Parker (P/T)



Additional / Specialist Teaching Staff:

Dance Teacher: Ms. Ehlan (a.k.a. Miss Wendy)

P.E. / Sports Teacher: Miss Vanroose

Music / Instrumental Teachers (Violins / Viola / Cello / Recorders / Double Bass): Ms. Nolan, Ms. McElroy & Ms. McArdle



Administration / Pastoral Team

Mrs. Williamson: Office Manager / Bursar

Ms. Lloyd: Office / Admin Support 



Premises Manager

Mr. Howard


Breakfast Club / Wrap-a-round Team

Mrs. Dutton

Mrs. Jackson

Miss Bayliff 



Lunchtime Welfare

Mrs. Wharton

Our team of teaching assistants also supervise lunchtime play