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We asked our Reception Class... 




What do you like best about Kings Meadow Primary School? 


  • We play fun games
  • We change activities every day
  • We have a fun garden to play with our friends in
  • I like the stories we read.
  • I love the teachers
  • We have nice friends
  • I love the role-play and dressing up
  • I like playing with the train track
  • I love lego! 
  • All of friends can share and we take turns.
  • I love being with my friends
  • I love the dinosaur area
  • I love the building blocks and I like colouring and making things in the creative area. 



How Can We Make Our School Better? 


  • By having some remote controlled toys. 
  • Can we have some unicorn toys? 
  • More cars and animals
  • Can I have some cat stickers please? 
  • To have a telescope
  • To have more things in the 'Mud Kitchen' 
  • Can we learn about space? 
  • Can we learn about dinosaurs? 


                            ...thank you Reception Class, we will definitely use your ideas to enhance learning...

                                                  We will get back you on this....