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Celebrating Success

WOW Wednesdays




A WOW moment is a celebration of achievement and something that you are proud of.

It is your opportunity as a parent to share something amazing that your child has done at home.  

Your class teacher will give you a number of WOW certificates for you to keep at home.  

When you notice that your child has done something fabulous, simply write it on your certificate and send it to school with your child on WOW Wednesdays! 

Your class teacher will share this with the class and they can celebrate being fabulous with their friends! Some may parents celebrate making the bed, getting dressed in the morning independently, reading their first book to Dad... etc.
It helps to build your child’s self-esteem, self-confidence and children develop a sense of self and understanding of feeling proud!  It is a great celebration.  


All of the certificates are added to our class ‘Tree Of Amazement’   
You can’t help but say ‘WOW’ when you see it! 


Eventually, these are added your child’s Learning Journal.