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Year 6

Welcome to our Year 6 Class Page 


We have a very exciting year of learning ahead of us. We hope that the following information about our curriculum and routines will help you and your child settle into Sycamore Class.  


Year 6 Teaching Team 

Mr Currie – Class Teacher

Miss Hayes - Teacher

Mrs. Doran – Teaching Assistant 

Mrs. Parker – Teaching Assistant 


Physical Education Reminders 

P.E kits are required on a Monday (Dance) & Thursday (P.E.) 


Homework Reminders 

On a Monday children will be given new Spellings to learn and on a Tuesday the children will be given homework. The homework should be returned to school by Friday. Children should aim to read and learn spellings on a daily basis. The children will have a weekly spelling test on a Monday and a multiplication quiz during the week. 


Curriculum Information 

This year at Kings Meadow, in a change to our curriculum, we have developed new themes and learning sequences to inspire our children that ‘LEARNING MEANS THE WORLD’! Information about our new ‘Dimensions’ Curriculum can be found in the Curriculum section of this website. The following information is specific to Year 6. 

In Year 6 we are ‘Navigators’. Through our teaching, and the experiences we offer, this year our children will learn how to become: 



LEADERS-I try to influence others, negotiating and balancing different views to reach workable solutions. 

ABLE TO APPLY SKILLS-I can use previously acquired knowledge and skills to help complete a new task. 

OVERCOMERS -I can work towards goals, showing initiative and without giving up. 

FOCUSED- I can look closely at information, judging its importance and value. 



Current Curriculum Theme 

Our current theme is ‘Mission Control'. It is part of our whole school focus on COMMUNICATION

Mission Control” is a thematic unit based around the subject of Earth and beyond, with a key focus on science and history. Pupils learn about the Earth, Sun and Moon and their relationship to each other, before finding out more about space exploration and communication. 


Curriculum Breadth 

The other subjects included in this thematic unit are art, dance, drama, history, design technology, ICT / computing, literacy, maths and music. Breadth comes, not only from the range of subjects offered, but also from their careful integration, leading to more connected thinking. Global Dimensions help pupils develop a wider perspective and understand the links between their own lives and those of people around the globe, as well as understanding their place in the worldwide community.

Curriculum Depth 

‘Learning Means the World’ puts great emphasis on curriculum depth. We focus on common attributes that ensure provision of a deep curriculum and use them to underpin our thematic units. We consider these to be:-meaning and relevance; cohesion; opportunities for inquiry; development of critical, creative and high order thinking skills; integration of subjects; provision of access to information from a range of sources and viewpoints and the authenticity of end products. 

Through elements such as Catalyst Questions, Pupil-Led Activities and Essential  Learning Experiences (ELEs), teachers will ensure a greater depth of learning. 

In this theme we will cover the following Learning Objectives: 



Sc50 I can select and plan the most appropriate type of scientific enquiry to answer specific questions.

Sc51 I can make predictions based on scientific knowledge and understanding.

Sc54 I can identify scientific evidence that has been used to support or refute ideas.

Sc57 I can select information from a range of sources.

Sc58 I can record data and results of increasing complexity, using scientific diagrams and labels, classification

keys, tables, bar and line graphs, and models, making appropriate use of ICT.

Sc60 I can present reports of findings in written form, displays and presentations.


I know that the Sun, Earth and Moon are approximately spherical bodies.

I know about and explain the movement of the Earth relative to the Sun in the solar system.

I can use the idea of the Earth’s rotation to explain day and night and the apparent movement of the sun across the


I know about and explain the movement of the Moon relative to the Earth.



I know some facts about space exploration and discovery.

I have developed knowledge and understanding of famous astronomers, as well as significant worldwide


I have learnt about the development and role of satellite communication



Knowledge Organisers / Curriculum Letter to Parents / Carers 

Please download the files below to see our current Knowledge Organiser (WHISK Sheet) and our Curriculum Letter to Parents / Carers. These will provide you with a clear overview of all the subjects and learning that will take place in your child’s current theme.  


Our current class novel is ‘Tom's Midnight Garden’ by Philippa Pearce . 


Please keep checking this page for more information, links to useful websites and lots of photographs of our learning.