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SEND Information

Hello, my name is Miss Karen O'Brien, and I am the Inclusion Leader (SENCo) at Kings Meadow Primary.  Presented below, you will find lots of information about our SEN provision for children with additional needs.

If you require any further information please contact me at the school or by telephone - 01704 578512.



Information about Special Educational Needs


Governing bodies of mainstream schools have the following legal duties under the Children and Families Act 2014.


They must:

• cooperate with the local authority in developing the local offer;

• ensure the school produce and publish online its School SEN Information Report in accordance with section 69 of the Children and Families Act 2014; 

• ensure the school has arrangements in place to support children with medical conditions (section 100 Children and Families Act 2014)



At Kings Meadow Primary, we offer targeted interventions (class-based and stand alone), according to the needs of the child.  

These interventions include:


  • Extra Reading Support
  • Read, Write Inc. Phonics Programme
  • Time to Talk
  • Sounds Write
  • WellComm
  • MSL Handwriting Programme
  • Write from the Start
  • Spelling Support
  • The Listening Program
  • Auditory Processing Support
  • 1:1 Occupational Therapy individual programmes
  • 1:1 Speech Therapy individual programmes

Speech & Language Resource Base


  • What is the Speech and Language Resource Base?

Kings Meadow Speech and Language Resource Base is part of Kings Meadow Primary School.  Miss Karen O’Brien is the Leader of the Resourced Provision alongside Mrs Janette Hutchings; Specialist Speech and Language Therapist.

At Kings Meadow Primary we aim to help children with speech and language difficulties.  We encourage children to achieve their optimum potential by providing specialist teaching and intensive speech and language therapy in a supportive environment.  The Resource Base operates an inclusive policy tailored to meet the needs of each individual child.

Children with severe and specific speech and language difficulties as their primary needs, may benefit from a placement at the Speech and Language Resource Base. 


The speech and language resourced provision caters for children who have severe speech and language difficulties such as:


  • Difficulty making the sounds of speech;
  • Difficulty expressing what they want to say;
  • Difficulty processing the language they hear;
  • Difficulty remembering and recalling words.


All of the children with resourced provision places have a statement/EHC plan of SEN, stating speech and language impairments as their primary difficulty. Many children who are identified and provided for at an early age make significant progress with their speech and may no longer require an EHC Plan by the end of their primary schooling.


  • What provision do the children receive?

All the children are members of a mainstream class and, as such, they take part in all the class/school activities. All the children are assessed and provided for on a basis of individual need. Each child has a Pupil Profile/Support Plan with communication and learning targets which are reviewed and revised each term.


The Provision

The Resource Base operates an inclusive model within the main school where children work alongside their mainstream peers.

Specialist teaching takes place within a language enriched environment in small supportive groups and on a one to one basis.

Speech and Language therapy is provided, as appropriate to the needs of each child.  This may focus upon developing receptive and expressive language skills, vocabulary, attention, listening and speech.


What can we provide?

  • Access to the whole curriculum within a mainstream class;
  • Speech and Language Therapist led session every week;
  • Speech and Language therapy programme individually assessed and tailored by the speech and language therapists and delivered by the Leader of the Resourced Provision;
  • Full time support within the classroom, in small groups and individually, to facilitate access to the curriculum in whatever way that is needed;
  • A leader and a team of teaching assistants with experience and expertise in supporting children who have speech and language difficulties;
  • Individual learning programmes;
  • Intervention matched to need across the curriculum;
  • Access to, and support from outside agencies in addition to the Speech and Language Therapist  e.g. Occupational Therapists & Educational Psychologists;
  • Transport to and from home for those outside the catchment area;
  • A wide range and variety of resources;
  • Teachers who have experience in teaching children with speech and language difficulties;
  • A whole school inclusive ethos.


Speech Therapy

Our Speech and Language Therapist is Mrs Janette Hutchings. 

Mrs Hutchings comes to school every week to deliver individual support for the pupils who access our Speech and Language Resource Base. Mrs Hutchings sets the Speech and Language programmes which are delivered on a daily basis by Miss O'Brien.


The Speech and Language Therapist delivers group, paired and individual sessions. Planning and Target Setting are completed in collaboration with the class teachers so that these areas can be targeted and new skills practised and enhanced in the classroom environment. Each child has a Speech and Language Homework book, which allows parents to see, and support, the work we are covering in school. 



If you would like any further information about our Speech and Language provision, please feel free to contact Miss Karen O’Brien, either by telephone – 01704 578512 or by email.



Useful Websites for Parents of Children with Speech language and Communication difficulties: