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At Kings Meadow Primary School, we are proud to be part of Children's University. Children's University offers exciting and innovative learning activities and experiences outside normal school hours. 


Any extra curricular activities that take place within school will earn credits towards their graduation. However, we want to celebrate learning that takes place outside of school. A Passport To Learning can be purchased from the school office for just £3 which you can use to collect credits at Learning Destinations outside of school.


For more information about Children's University and a list of Learning Destinations please visit



*Please come back soon to see what clubs we will be running this term!* 

Extra Curricular Activity Is the activity on this term? Club Leader                     When?                                  
School Football Club Yes Mr Currie & Mr Howard Wednesday PM
Forest School No Miss Adkins & Miss Steele Tuesday PM
Art Club No Mrs Maddox Thursday Lunch
Netball No Mrs Noone Monday PM
Choir Club Yes Mrs Noone Tuesday PM
Cross Country No Mr Currie Friday PM
Gymnastics No Beth Tweddle Gymnastics Thurs PM
Cricket No Miss Bee Tuesday PM
Team Games Yes Healthy Heroes Wednesday PM
Craft Club Yes Mrs Doran Monday PM
Tri Golf No Mr Hassall Friday PM
Dance  Yes Miss Wendy Monday PM


Find out about all the extra-curricular clubs we run.