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Celebrating Success


Hello Y1!

Below you will find all the learning material you will need for this week, please try to complete all of the activities set out. There are some extra learning resources if you would like an extra challenge. All we want you to do is make sure you have a go and try your best.

Remember as Pathfinders we have been working on the following skills:


INNOVATIVE- I can generate new ideas.

DECISIVE- I can choose the best way to express my thoughts and feelings.

CREATIVE- I can share my ideas and experiences with others, as part of a group.

INDEPENDENT- I am not afraid to ‘have a go’

You can use these skills for your home learning too. 


Please read your weekly plan first

General Resources

The BBC has a vast range of excellent lessons suitable for Year 1, if you find your child is struggling with anything in particular or wants an extra challenge please have a look on this website.

Click HERE to discover more and select Year 1. The lessons include all the subjects of the Year 1.