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Year 3

A very warm welcome to our Year 3 Class Page

We have a very exciting year of learning ahead of us. We hope that the following information about our curriculum and routines will help you and your child settle into Oak Class.


Year 4 Teaching Team

Miss Adkins – Class Teacher

Mrs Mehdikhani– Teaching Assistant

Mrs Rodriguez – Teaching Assistant



Physical Education Reminders

P.E kits are required on a Monday (Dance) & Thursday (P.E.)


Homework Reminders

On a Tuesday the children will be given homework and spellings, the Homework book should be returned to school by Friday.  Children should aim to read and learn spellings on a daily basis.  The children will have a weekly spelling test on a Monday and a multiplication quiz during the week.


Curriculum Information

This year at Kings Meadow we are continuing with our ‘LEARNING MEANS THE WORLD!’ curriculum. Information about our ‘Dimensions’ Curriculum can be found in the Curriculum section of this website. The following information is specific to Year 3.

In Year 3 we are ‘ADVENTURERS’.  Through our teaching, and the experiences we offer, this year our children will learn how to become:

BRAVE - I can take responsibility, showing confidence in myself and my contribution to the group.

RESILIENT - I can adapt my ideas as circumstances change.

RISK-TAKERS - I can question my own as well as others’ assumptions.

PREPARED - I can propose practical ways forward, breaking these down into small, manageable steps.


Current Curriculum Theme

Our current theme is ‘Lightning Speed!’. It is part of our whole school focus on COMMUNICATION.

“Lightning Speed” is a thematic unit based around the history and development of the internet and World Wide Web, with a focus on computing. It primarily looks at how computers communicate, the importance of networks, how email works and how the internet enables collaboration.

Curriculum Breadth

The other subjects included in this thematic unit are art, dance, computing, literacy, science, maths and PSHE. Breadth comes, not only from the range of subjects covered, but also from their careful integration, leading to more connected thinking. Global Dimensions help pupils develop a wider perspective and understand the links between their own lives and those of people around the globe, as well as understanding their own place in the worldwide community.

Curriculum Depth

‘Learning Means the World’ puts great emphasis on curriculum depth. We focus on common attributes that ensure provision of a deep curriculum and use them to underpin our thematic units. We consider these to be:- meaning and relevance; cohesion; opportunities for inquiry; development of critical, creative and high order thinking skills; integration of subjects; provision of access to information from a range of sources and viewpoints and the authenticity of end products.

Through elements such as Catalyst Questions, Pupil-Led Activities and Essential

Learning Experiences (ELEs), teachers will ensure a greater depth of learning.

In this theme we will cover the following Learning Objectives:

C9 Understand computer networks including the internet, recognising how they can provide multiple

services, such as the world-wide web

Ict20 Identify the opportunities computer networks o‑er for communication and collaboration

Ict22 Use key words to search for and select appropriate information from the internet and other digital


Ict26 Use ICT to exchange ideas and collaborate with others remotely

Ict27 Use ICT safely and appreciate the need to keep electronic data secure


Knowledge Organisers / Curriculum Letter to Parents / Carers

Please download the files below to see our current Knowledge Organiser (WHISK Sheet) and our Curriculum Letter to Parents / Carers. These will provide you with a clear overview of all the subjects and learning that will take place in your child’s current theme.

Our current class novel is ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ by Julia Donaldson

Please keep checking this page for more information, links to useful websites and lots of photographs of our learning.


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