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Kings Meadow Primary School and Early Years Education Centre

Celebrating Success

Visions and Values

Our Mission Statement (What we do)


At Kings Meadow our mission is to prepare our children to become valued and contributing members of society.



Our School Values (What We Believe In)


  • We value FRIENDSHIP; we aim to be kind, caring and polite to all members of our school community and to accept and include everyone.
  • We value RESPECT; we aim to look after everyone and everything in our school. We aim to be honest and considerate to each other.
  • We value DETERMINATION; we aim to work hard, never give up and always try our very best to achieve our goals and objectives.
  • We value ACHIEVEMENT; we aim to become independent and confident learners who achieve our true potential.



Our Golden Promises


At Kings Meadow we have a set of ‘Golden Promises’ that we expect all members of our school community to follow. At Kings Meadow we promise to:


  • Be Kind
  • Work Hard
  • Always try our best


These promises ensure everybody in our school community can succeed and be happy.