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How Do We Promote Reading?


How Do We Promote Reading at Kings Meadow Primary School In EYFS?


The teaching of reading is a top priority at our school.  

Here at Kings Meadow we ensure that we;


  • Foster a love of reading and sharing stories, poems and rhymes to develop vocabulary and comprehension.
  • Have a secure, systematic, synthetic phonics programme taught from the beginning of reception.
  • Create opportunities for children to read and reread books that match the phonics stage taught.
  • Effective use of assessment to quickly identify children who need targeted support. 


In Nursery and Reception, you will see





  • We have weekly story sacks for the children to use in their play. They include the book and some small world toys to act out the story, sequencing picture cards. 


  • We have beautiful story areas where children can relax and enjoy a good book.


  • We have 'open house' story sessions where parents can join their child and listen to a story.


  •  Storytimes are special. Staff demonstrate how much we love reading too.  


  • We make time for children with additional needs or gaps in their vocabulary to listen to the story in a small group first. 


  • We have a voting station for the storytime book so that children are making choices about the book they would like to share.  Parents can be involved with this on entry. 


  • We ensure that the books children are reading link independently to the phonic stage taught.  


  • We assign pairs of children as reading buddies. The children even read to teddies or toys!