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Getting Started with Google Classroom - Teacher Tutorial

This quick tutorial shows a few tips and features for getting started with a new Google Classroom. In the tutorial, we explore how to create a class, add stu...

How to send Powerpoint in Google Classroom Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will show you how to upload your Powerpoint so the file can be accessed by your students. Subscribe for more Google Classroom tutorials: ...

How To Use Google Jamboard Tutorial For Teachers & Students - 2020 Guide

Jamboard #GoogleJamboard #HowToUseGoogleJamboard Learn how to use Google Jamboard in this tutorial for teachers and students. This updated 2020 guide is per...

How to use Google Meet In Your Classroom - Tutorial - 2020 Teacher Guide

GoogleMeetTutorial #GoogleMeetForTeachers #HowToUseGoogleMeet Learn how to use Google Meet in your classroom in this updated 2020 tutorial and guide for tea...

How to Organize Google Classroom | EASY Tutorial

GOOGLE CLASSROOM TUTORIAL for Teachers and Students | Part 3 | Creating a Quiz using Google Forms

Google Classroom Tutorial 2020 - EdTech Video SeriesPart 3 - Creating a Quiz using Google Form (For Teachers) and Answering Google Form Quiz (For Students)==...