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Maths – the Universal Language


At Kings Meadow Primary we aim to make maths interesting and relevant. We promote enjoyment and confidence by making maths exciting. smiley


Daily Arithmetic Sessions


Daily Arithmetic Maths sessions take place throughout KS1 and 2 and are in addition to maths lessons. The sessions aim to give pupils time outside the maths lesson to work on mental strategies, example arithmetic questions and consolidate number strategies they have already learned. 


These can be delivered in a number of ways:

  1. Counting
  2. Multiplication and Division - This includes learning and consolidating times tables and division facts
  3. Number Sense - This can include puzzles, problems, number work, maths games and speed tests for addition, multiplication, subtraction and division.


These sessions last 10-15 minutes and aim at building confidence whilst working at a quicker pace!

Times Tables Challenge


As you may be aware from the media and our school website the importance of times tables in the mathematics curriculum has been given greater emphasis and importance since the new curriculum was launched in 2014/15.


As a school we have recognised the importance of mental maths capabilities for some time and in a commitment to improving the children’s mental maths skills we have Mental Arithmetic sessions in addition to maths lessons in Years 1 to 6.


The curriculum requires children to know their tables up to twelve by the end of Year 4. In school we encourage times tables practise through singing, chanting, counting and a variety of games. Resources can be found on the school website through the mathematics curriculum and school development pages.


We have therefore introduced a 'Times Table Challenge' initiative into KS2 classrooms. 


This encourages children to learn all of their times tables confidently, but also at a quicker pace! 


How does it work?

Each child has been randomly allocated a place on a ladder board in their classroom. 


Children are allowed to challenge a person who is up to 4 places ahead of them on the ladder board. 


The challenge takes place! This is a mixture of different times table that they should know for their year group.


The first person, of the pair, to complete their questions has their answers checked. If they got them all correct then they are the winner. However, if they got any wrong and their opponent got more correct then the opponent will be the winner! 


If the child who set the challenge wins, then they swap places with their opponent. If they don't win, then the opponent maintains their position. 


There a several 'Prize Points' along the ladder board, meaning it is not just a challenge to get to the top but a challenge to beat someone in the Prize Point position! 


At the end of each half term, whoever is in a Prize Point wins a fantastic prize! 


BIG Maths


BIG Maths forms an integral part of BIG Fridays here at Kings Meadow! In Years 2-6 children complete a skills check to practise working with number.  During the first session in the morning children complete the activity. The children use prompt booklets to remind them of strategies they can use to calculate the correct answers.

In the afternoon the children work in groups to go over concepts to help them improve the skills that they found the hardest.

To motivate the children, the results are banded; red, yellow or green. This is then tracked and all children aim towards ‘Going Green’.  The skills check has helped give children confidence and essential time to consolidate number skills they have been learning.

Maths Intent PPT

My Money Week

This year, we were supported by materials from the Money Sense website. 

Classes looked at a variety of money related resources which included deciding whether to spend or save money and the difference between credit and debit. Some classes looked at the many different ways that we can pay and the advantages and disadvantages of these ways. Whilst reception set up their own shop and were supported by their buddies in buying items! 


The children really enjoyed the activities and taught them a lot about dealing with money! 

MY MONEY WEEK 11th-15th June

This year we were supported by Natwest Bank as part of the annual My Money Week initiative. 

Children in each year group completed a task supported by the bank workers.

Years 1 and 2 completed an activity called 'How We Use Money'

Years 3 and 4 had to budget for a party in an activity called 'It's Party Time'

Years 5 and 6 became detectives in an activity called 'Fraud Scene Investigators'.


The children really enjoyed the activities which helped to develop their understanding of money in the real world!

Ainsdale Show Enterprise Project


As part of the Ainsdale Show, children in school were given the chance to run a game on the Kings Meadow stall to try and raise money for school.


In school, each class were given a £20 budget so that they could make their game and also buy prizes that could be won!


Each class were given an hour time slot during the Ainsdale Show. 


Once back in school, children were given the chance to count their takings and work out their net profit. T


The games were:

Year 1: Pot Luck

Year 2: Prize Pong

Year 3: Speed Stacks

Year 4: Panning for Gold

Year 5: Play Your Cards Right

Year 6: Bat The Splat


After expenses ,the results were as follows:

1st – Year 1

2nd – Year 6

3rd – Year 2

= - Year 4

5th – Year 5

6th – Year 3


The school managed to raise a grand total of £99.16


Well done to everybody and good luck for next year!!

Ainsdale Show

Money Week 2016/17


As keen participants in the 'Money Week' initiative, this year we have created our own week linked to the PSHE curriculum and Mathematics. We have incorporated financial aspects from both curriculum areas to give the children a sense of money and the impact of sensible planning and decision making.


We were pleased to welcome visitors from the 'Halifax', who visited classes to provide information and set some interesting tasks. All classes followed this up with topic and mathematical related activities to improve skills in working with money.


It was a great week and was enjoyed by all!





Money Week 2016/17

Year 1 – Stay and Count


To give parents ideas and strategies to help support at home, we recently hosted a ‘Stay and Count’ event for parents and carers of children in Year 1.


The session was very busy and started off in Beech Class (Year 1) with visiting LA Maths Intervention Officer, Steve Rees. Mr. Rees led games and activities for the children to carry out with their parent/carer.


Following the session in the class room, Mr. Rees gave a presentation to parents and carers giving simple, however effective ideas to help children develop early number skills. We also enjoyed a well-earned cuppa and biscuits!

Years 2-6 – Calculation evening


To launch our new curriculum compliant Calculation Policy we hosted an evening event to talk parents and carers through the stages of calculation progression.  LA Maths Intervention Officer, Steve Rees, modelled and explained our policy giving examples and opportunities for parents to have a go. As always the hard work was rewarded with a plentiful supply of refreshments!

Maths Steps To Success