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Curriculum Overview

Curriculum 'Drivers'
Our 'Curriculum Drivers' form an essential part of our curriculum.  They are embedded as part of our teaching and learning in each of the topics that we study.
Tales of Trees
At Kings Meadow we love trees and to celebrate this fact each class researched a different type of tree.  Each class produced a piece of writing for our display.  This demonstrates how our writing progresses as we move through our school.

 Do you like our 'TREE WEEK' work? 

We had fun during the week researching our class trees. Some of the classes wrote stories about their tree, others produced fact sheets and in our maths lessons we found out how to calculate the age of a tree using our measuring skills. We also created amazing pieces of artwork. As a school we voted for our favourite tree.

The winner was the ‘Rowan’

This is a fantastic website. You can find lots of activities and crafts/information about trees, woodlands and days out!

Throughout the week we worked with the ‘Woodvale Community Centre’ to plant the trees that they had donated to our school. We are hoping to grow and orchard.

We also planted trees in the woodlands. The members of the Eco Team distributed our ‘dog poop’ posters to help with our appeal to help to keep the woods as a pleasant place for children and their families to visit.