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Computing Curriculum


At Kings Meadow, we are passionate about providing children with an engaging computing curriculum and giving them experiences which will prepare them for jobs that don't even exist yet!


We follow the Rising Stars Computing Scheme Of Work which offers creative units of work and delivers a clear progression across the year groups. Each unit of work also embeds an element of E-safety to ensure safe and responsible use of technology. 


The curriculum covers: 

  • Programming - Planning, writing and testing computer programs for digital devices.
  • Computational Thinking - Some of the computer science foundations - particularly algorithms, logical reasoning and decomposing problems into smaller parts. 
  • Creativity - creating and refining original content using digital tools across a range of media. 
  • Computer Networks - Using and understanding the internet, the web and search engines, effectively and safely. 
  • Communication/Collaborations - making most of the internet and computers for communicating with one or many, and working together on projects. 
  • Productivity - Collecting and analysing data and information using computers; organising, manipulating and presenting this to an audience.


We also believe that children should be taught standalone skills that can be embedded into other areas of the curriculum such as topic, maths and science lessons. These skills will provide children with a further experience of using advanced technology for a purpose. 

These include:

  • Coding and Programming
  • Digital Creativity
  • Multimedia Authoring
  • Research and Communications
  • Text and Graphics


The computing long term plan can be accessed below which shows how units and skills can be used and progressed throughout each school year.


E-Safety is very important at Kings Meadow to ensure children use technology safely and responsibly. 

All children at Kings Meadow know the Zip It, Block It, Flag It saying to help them stay safe.


Zip It - Never give out to anyone you don't know in person:

  • Your full name
  • Photos of yourself of friends
  • Home address.
  • Email address
  • Which school you go to
  • Mobile or home phone numbers
  • Details of places you like to spend time


Block It - Block people who send offensive messages and don't send offensive messages to anyone

  • Do not open unknown links or attachments
  • Delete any suspicious emails that can cause damage to your computer
  • When searching on the internet, use a 'safe search' option that excludes results containing inappropriate key words or images


Flag It - Tell a trusted adult:

  • if you are worried or unhappy about anything you see online
  • if anyone online has asked to meet you



As well as E-Safety being embedded into each Rising Stars unit of work, there is 1 stand alone E-safety lesson each term, progressing throughout each year group. Please see the long term plan attached below.

The Hour Of Code

We live in a world surrounded by technology. We know that whatever career children choose in the future they will be working with new technology. That's why Kings Meadow are taking part in The Hour Of Code! 


The Hour Of Code is a one hour activity where children will learn how to code by choosing from a variety of self guided tutorials including Angry Birds, Frozen, Plants v Zombies and many more! 


This will take place during the week of 16th March and children will be able to continue the tutorials in school and at home! 


Please watch the video below to see what celebrities have to say! 

Children Enjoying The Hour Of Code

The Hour of Code is here

Watch what celebrities have to say about The Hour Of Code

Useful Websites - Excellent coding games like Frozen, Angry Birds and Flappy Bird!


BBC KS1 Computing Games


BBC KS2 Computing Games


Scratch - program your own interactive stories, games and animations!