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Year 6

Welcome to Sycamore Class! Our teaching team is:


Class Teacher - Mr Currie

Teacher - Mrs Pearson

Teaching Assistant - Miss Steele

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Doran

This Term, our Topic is 'Endurance'!


As Historians, we will find out facts about Ernest Shackleton and his life. We will study his journey to Antarctica, finding out about his experiences along the way. We will look at historical items he may have used to help him on his expedition and think about what we would take with us on a journey. We will also look at other expeditions such as Hillary and Norgay's expedition on Mount Everest.


As Geographers, we will locate Antarctica on a map and look at the significance of its location. We will study the landscape and physical features and compare it to that of our own. We will also find out about the different animals living in Antarctica. We will make comparisons between the North and South Poles.


As Writers, we will be looking at a range of different text types including biographies and writing a short biography of Ernest Shackleton. We will look at recounts and be writing letters home as though we had been on the expedition. We will look at adverts, advertising for people to join the expedition and we will also create our own news report.


As Artists, we will be looking at work from Antarctic artist, Frank Hurley. We will have a go at sketching animals found in Antarctica.


As Design Technologists, we will research what materials make the best shelters. We will look at the shelters used on expeditions and evaluate which would be the best and why.


As Dancers, we will be learning to further develop the quality in our actions, interpret music to create an effect and perform with increased control and precision.


As Scientists, we will continue to study light. We will understand that to see, light needs to enter the eye. Investigate light reflection and refraction and the speed of light. We will then look at evolution and inheritance biology, studying changes over time, looking at famous scientists such as Darwin and finding out about plant and animal adaptation.


As Computing Experts, we will be using the internet to carry out research about Antarctica. We will also be learning how to create our own E-books! On the computers, we will program our own simple game on Scratch.


As Mathematicians, we will be making comparisons by finding the difference in temperatures in Antarctica and other places in the world. We will also convert units of measurement to find out how far Shackleton traveled.

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Homework is given on a Thursday and due in the following Tuesday.


Spellings are given every Monday and are tested the following Monday.


Children are expected to read every night. Children should continue to learn their times tables and the inverse of each multiplication fact. 


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact a member of the Year 6 team! 

Picture 1 Classifying Animals in Science

RE - The Good Samaritan

In RE we have been exploring the act of charity. We have read the Christian bible story ‘The Good Samaritan’ and created our own modern day version. We adapted a play script, appointed directors (who cast the roles) and then rehearsed. We ended the lesson with our final performances. This helped us to explore the scenario and the motives and actions of the people involved. We also enjoyed developing our performance skills. 

Spanish - Goldilocks

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We have been learning key vocabulary from the Spanish version of Goldilocks and The Three Bears.


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Baby Bear

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Big chair

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Mummy Bear

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Daddy Bear

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A Small Wood or Forest

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Small chair

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Big bed

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Maths Steps to Success

SPAG Survivial

Reading With a Year 6 Child