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KS2 Tests - A video for parents

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Hello and welcome to Sycamore Class! Our teacher is Mr. Currie!


Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Graham and Miss Steele!



As we are in Year 6, we are expected to be good role models to the rest of the school. We always put our best effort into our work and we enjoy our exciting and fun lessons!


This term our topic will be 'Natural Disasters'

As Historians, we will find out about how Mt Vesuvius erupted and affected Pompeii. We will then look at Pompeii today and what we can learn from the remains. We will look at how other natural disasters have affected the lives of people in the past.


As Geographers, we will locate places that natural disasters have occurred and where volcanoes can be found using maps and atlases. We will find out how volcanoes are formed and how earthquakes begin. We will look at how the weather can play a part in the occurrence of natural disasters and what scientists can do to predict when one will happen.


As Writers,  we will be looking at a range of different text types including newspaper reports on natural disasters. Information texts showing how volcanoes are formed and how earthquakes occur. We will look at an adventure story called Hurricane written by David Wiesner. We will also be reading the story 'Children of Winter' and answering questions on the story. 


As Artists,  we will be looking at work from artist Andy Warhol, in particular his work on Mt Vesuvius.  


As  Design Technologists,  we will research how Volcanoes are formed and have a go at making our own out of clay or paper mache and labeling appropriately.  


As Dancers,  we will be learning to further develop the quality in our actions, interpret music to create an effect and perform with increased control and precision. We will tell the story of a Tsunami hitting a town through dance actions. 


As Scientists,  we will study 'Animals Including Humans'. We will look at the structure of the human heart and at what double circulation is. We will look at the structure of the lungs and also what blood is made up of. We will look at how exercise affects the heart and what we can do to stay healthy. We will then study 'Electricity'. We will look at the symbols used in a circuit diagram before having a go at making our circuits. We will look at how the brightness of a lamp can be changed before looking at the difference between series and parallel circuits.  


As Computing Experts,  we will be using the internet to carry out research about natural disasters. We will also be learning how to create our own E-books! On the computers, we will use Purple Mash to improve our coding skills. We will also look at how to use email safely using 2Email.


As Mathematicians, we will be making comparisons by finding the difference in earthquakes on the Richter Scale. We will look at statistics into the number of people affected by natural disasters. 

Dance is on Thursday and P.E is on a Monday this half term. Please ensure your child has the correct kit in school. 



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Homework is given on a Thursday and due in the following Tuesday.


Mental Maths is given every other Monday and tested at the end of the second week. 


Spellings are given every other Monday and tested on the following Thursday.


Children are expected to read every night. Children should continue to learn their times tables and the inverse of each multiplication fact. 


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact a member of the Year 6 team! 


Southport FC Trust Badge Competition

Talking Spanish!

The children have been learning to ask each other questions in Spanish. They can ask people their name, how old they are and where they live. Perhaps they could ask you!