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Celebrating Success

Year 5 High School Taster Day

Yesterday, Year 5 boys and girls enjoyed a wonderful day at both Birkdale and Greenbank High Schools respectively. They got a real taste what life at high school is all about!


The boys started the day with an orienteering activity in which we had two winners from Kings Meadow! They followed this with a French lesson where they learnt all about buying food from a bakery. In the afternoon, some children listened to the school's band play and tried out some instruments, whilst other children made egg holders in DT! 


The girls started the day with a science lesson where they learnt all about chromatography! They then had a netball lesson in the sports hall. After break they made chocolate chip cookies in food technology. Then after lunch they had a history lesson finding out about toys and clothing during World War 2!


The children all had a great day and are excited for high school already!