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Summer Term


Year 5


We have a lot planned for our work during Summer Term.  Our topic will be based on Ainsdale and the surrounding area. 

Your class teaching team is

Miss Adkins – Class teacher

Mrs Doran – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Roberts – Teaching Assistant


You will need to remember to bring your P.E kit on Monday and Wednesday. We will be swimming on Tuesday afternoon, please make sure t hat you have your swimming kit in school including a swimming hat.

We will be visiting the local woodland for our Forest School again this term after we complete our rehearsals for our class assembly. Click on this link to check the clothes list. It is important that we dress for the weather! Forest School is a great way to learn about our curriculum subjects and ourselves, our friends and how to work as a team!

On Thursday you will be given homework, it should be returned to school by Tuesday. You should aim to read and learn your spellings on a daily basis. You will have a weekly spelling quiz on a Monday.


We will be out and about in our locality completing our fieldwork, learning how to create and read maps

As geographers we will be studying the local environment our activities will include locating Ainsdale using an atlas/map.

  • Identifying what the local area has to offer
  • Using maps/ordnance survey to locate local landmarks and give directions.
  • Comparing the weather of Ainsdale to other seaside resorts across the globe.
  • To understand why tourism is important to Southport.
  • Looking at the features of Rivers including the River Alt.
  • Looking at the features of coasts and how they change.
  • Looking at unique animal species in the local area – red squirrels and Natterjack toads.
  • Completing a field trip to the River Alt.

As historians we will be studying the history of our local area our activities will include

  • Looking at how Ainsdale got its name.
  • Investigating how Southport has changed over the years.
  • Produce a timeline of the Victorian era.
  • Compare and contrast the lives of Victorians to lives today including: School, Clothing, Toys and Jobs.
  • Looking at the lives of important figures including Dr Barnado.
  • Completing a field trip to the local area.


As artists we will be studying the work of artists that have used the natural environment as a stimulus for their work.  This will include the work of William Morris and Miro our activities will include

  • Preliminary sketches of nature in the landscapes
  • Creating a ‘windowscap’e through collage and mixed media of the landscapes that we see
  • Creating sculptures of the flora and fauna of Ainsdale
  • Creating prints of the flora and interpreting them into wallpapers (digital media).


As designers we will be studying Victorian toys our activities will include

  • Analysis of the toys made during the Victorian period
  • Design a toy that could have been used during the Victorian period.
  • Looking at the inventors of the Victorian Period.
  • Making a Victorian Tea including scones, canapes and Victorian Sponge Cake.

Our class novel is ...

You can discover more about the author of our novel here -

The Frank Family by Milly

Stockport Tunnels

Persuasive Writing

Jazzy Jinks Singing Project Rehearsals

Carol Singing at Woodvale Community Centre


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Useful Maths sites ....