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Year 5

Hello and welcome to Ash Class! Our teacher is Mr. Currie!


Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Graham and Miss Steele!



As we are in Year 5, we are expected to be good role models to the rest of the school. We always put our best effort into our work and we enjoy our exciting and fun lessons!


This term our topic will be 'Amazing Africa'


As historians, we will be looking at the history of Africa, in particular The Kingdom of Benin (AD 900-1300). We will also look at the first people in Africa and creating a profile of Homo-Erectus. We will also find out about Nelson Mandela and why he was an important African. We will also find out about some of Africa’s sporting stars, past and present.


As geographers, we will be locating Africa on a map and finding out which countries make up this huge continent as well as locating where the Kingdom of Benin was located. We will look at the different landscapes and climates in African countries as well as some famous landmarks including Mt Kilimanjaro, Victoria Falls and the Great Pyramids.  We will learn about which animals are native to Africa as well as endangered species. We will also be comparing our lives to those of Africans including at their diet.


As artists, we will paint our own African sunset pictures using water paints. We will look at the work of Afewerk Tekle and creating out own African Icons in his style. We will also be looking at the Bronze Plaques from The Kingdom of Benin. 


As design technologists, we will be studying Kple Kple masks and looking at their design before having a go at making our own.


As musicians, we will be listening to traditional African music and the instruments used to perform. We will also listen to an African Gospel songs and try performing our own.

As dancers, we will be dancing to traditional African songs and looking at African dances.


As computing experts, we will be using the internet to carry out research about Africa. We will also be learning how to use code to create our own programs and games. We will also create African art on the ipads using Art Rage.


As mathematicians, we will be creating graphs to compare temperatures and climates of different countries in Africa. We will also be comparing the height and weight of African animals and making statements.


As writers, we will be reading ‘Journey to Johannesburg’ and hot seating characters as well as writing our own versions. We will also create a recount of a Safari adventure and look at traditional African stories and myths and creating our own. We will also write letters to our friends in Ololchura Primary School. We will also develop our comprehension skills by answering questions on the history of Benin.


As scientists, we will be looking at Forces. This will include looking and conducting experiments into gravity, friction, air resistance and water resistance. We will also be looking at the habitats of African animals. 



Dance is on Thursday and P.E is on a Monday this half term. Please ensure your child has the correct kit in school. 



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Homework is given on a Thursday and due in the following Tuesday.


Mental Maths is given every Monday and tested at the end of the week. 


Spellings are given every other Monday and tested on the following Thursday.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact a member of the Year 5 team! 


Thank you for all your support.