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Year 4

A very warm welcome to Year 4




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It’s great to be back at school.   We have a very exciting year of learning ahead of us.  You will find the following information useful in the next couple of weeks as you settle into Oak Class.


Your class teaching team is

Miss Adkins – Class teacher

Mrs Parker – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Roberts – Teaching Assistant


You will need to remember to bring your P.E kit on Wednesday. 

We will be swimming on a Tuesday, please remember to bring your kit to school on that day. 

On Thursday you will be given homework, it should be returned to school by Tuesday.  You should aim to read and learn your spellings on a daily basis.  You will have a weekly spelling and multiplication quiz.

Our topic for this term is ‘The Romans’.  We will start with a study of life in ancient Rome and learn all about their customs and beliefs.  We will also discover how to use evidence from the past to learn about history using the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius and the city of Pompeii to develop our skills as historians.

As historians we will be studying life in Roman Times.

Activities will include:

  • Ordering events in Ancient Rome along a timeline developing chronological skills
  • Reading and replicating the story of Romulus and Remus                                                         
  • Drawing posters to illustrate the social structure of Roman, discussing our thoughts and feelings about the use of slaves in ancient times.                                                                         
  • Children will compile questions to research and to ask a roman soldier and gladiator                
  • Using research to find out about everyday life in Rome and completing a team quiz                  
  • Using artefacts to extend our understanding of life in Rome and throughout the Roman
  • Empire when we visit Chester and the Dewa Experience.                                                       
  • Visiting an archaeological site in Chester to learn how archaeologists use the evidence of the past to inform the present.



As geographers we will be studying the continents and oceans of the world. We will focus on Europe, Italy and identify the spread of the Roman Empire. We will research how the invasions affected England. We will visit Chester; a Roman City.

Activities will include

  • Identifying continents on a map
  • Using an atlas to locate countries and seas.
  • To map the Roman Invasion in Europe and on a map of the UK
  • To describe how the roman invasion effected England
  • To visit Chester
  • To investigate Rome as a destination within Europe to visit on a holiday to learn about  Roman history
  • To compare and contrast the geography of Rome and Liverpool



As designers we will be studying the design of roman purses.

Activities will include:

  • Planning a design for a roman purse
  • Use sewing techniques to construct the purse
  • Design and embellish the finished product evaluating the product in terms of function and finish


As artists we will be studying Roman mosaics and pots.

Activities will include

  • Designing and planning a mosaic
  • Creating their own mosaic using collage techniques.
  • Designing and drawing a roman pot.
  • Creating and sculpting a roman pot out of clay using techniques to embellish the design.
Our class novel is Aquila by Andrew Norriss
Picture 1

Please keep checking this page for more information, links to websites and lots of photographs of our learning.