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Year 4

Welcome to Oak Class!


Class Teachers – Mrs Roberts and Mrs Pearson

Teaching Assistant – Mrs Parker



This term our topic is: Anglo Saxons & Vikings


Our class novel is: Beowulf by Michael Murpurgo.

We will also read, The Green Ship by Quentin Blake



As Readers, we will study stories from different  cultures. We will identify descriptive language to describe different settings. We will explore character's feelings, customs and beliefs. We will develop our 'Book Talk,' discussions and create story maps to retell stories. We will read explanation texts and explore the features of magazines.


As Writers, we will use complex sentences. We will write detailed sentences with adverbs, verbs and fronted adverbials. We will structure our writing into paragraphs and apply new vocabulary to make it more interesting. We will write a cultural story. We will write explanation texts and create a magazine.


As Actors, we will role play a tea party from the 'The Green Ship.' We will create freeze frames. We will continue to create our own plays with props and costumes in our 'Drama Area.'


As Mathematicians, we will collect data and create bar charts. We will analyse data in a variety of graphs. We will investigate the properties of triangles and quadrilaterals. We will extend our knowledge of fractions, to find equivalent fractions by simplifying them to the smallest form. We will continue to apply formal methods to solve problems. We will estimate and compare capacity. We will begin to use formal methods to divide 2 digit numbers by a 1 digit number.


As Historians, we will study the life and times of Anglo Saxons and Vikings 


As Geographers, we will identify Viking Invasions on Britain.


As Artists and Designers, we will study the Bayeux Tapestry. We will use textiles to create a class Bayeux Tapestry. We will continue to develop our skills in our sketch books.


As Musicians, we will sing and perform Viking Rocks. We will use notation to produce a group song using percussion instruments.


As Chefs we will create an authentic dish from the Viking era.


As Computing experts, we will create a Photostory. We will research information about Vikings and Anglo Saxons.


As Scientists, we will be learning about 'Sound.'


mailImportant Information mail

Dance is on Thursday and P.E is on a Wednesday this half term. Please ensure your child has the correct kit in school. 


Chess is on a Tuesday.


Homework is given on a Friday and due in the following Tuesday.


Spellings are given every other Tuesday and tested on the following Thursday.


Please help support your child’s reading development by hearing them read for 15 minutes each day.


Class Enterprise: Following on from our successful fundraising day, 'Go Stripes for Tigers,' we have decided to continue to raise money for '21st Century Tigers.' From our data analysis, we made the most profit from selling toast, therefore our enterprise this term is to sell toast. We have called our project, 'Toast Tuesday.' More details will follow. frown

My Money Week


This week is 'My Money Week', a week when schools across the country organise and take part in financial education.


To start the week off we have been thinking about our 'Toast Tuesday' enterprise. We have devised a scoring system to sample bread and butter in a taste test. From this we have looked at the profit that can be made from different combinations.We were amazed to find out that there can be huge impacts on profit depending on which brands of bread and butter we purchase for our enterprise.

We also designed adverts to publicise the venture.


My Money Week - Class Enterprise

Science is Sound!


This half term we have been learning about how sounds are made and how humans hear.


This week we played the 'Moth and Bat' game. The bats had to use their ears to detect the location of the moths and the direction that they were moving in. It was more challenging than we had anticipated but it was lots of fun!

Bat and Moth Game

Afternoon Tea Party

'Go Stripes For Tigers!'

Our Class Enterprise is to raise money for Blackpool Zoo's Conservation programme, '21st Century Tigers.' On Friday 24th April, we hosted our 'Go Stripes for Tigers,' day. We planned a 'Tiger Fur,' which consisted of our own tiger themed fair ground games: Pin a tail on a tiger, Tiger Tombola, Free a Tiger and Pick a Stripe. Everyone got to have a go at winning a prize. We asked for donations of £1 to wear stripes for the day and participate in our Tiger Fur. We sold toast, cakes and drinks.


Through all our planning, teamwork and dedication, we made a huge profit and raised:




noWell done, Year 4! We are proud of you!nosmiley

Go Stripes For Tigers! 24/04/15

Tiger Tote Bags for Sale!

Year 4's Ebooks

Tiger Presentations Homework

Deforestation Debate

Chess in Year 4

Music in Year 4

One Day Drama Day 'Rainforests!'

Measuring the height of the different layers of the rainforest

Roman Soldier Visit