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Celebrating Success

Year 3

Welcome to Elm!


Year group: 3

Teachers: Mrs Doohan and Mrs Lees

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Doran and Mrs Stocker


Homework Timetable

Reading – Daily at home

Spellings – Given out fortnightly and spelling activities to be completed.

English and Maths – Given out on a Thursday, to be returned no later than the following Tuesday.



Tuesday - Swimming

Wednesday – Sports (Indoor or Outdoor)

Thursday – Dance 



Tuesday - Please remember to bring your Violin!


Summer Term                                    Stone Age to Iron Age


As writers we will be investigating a variety of different text types including: writing a recount of our trip to Tatton Park, a diary entry from the Stone Age Boy,  a film review on the Croods, a report on their archaeological dig, we will create our own stone age poem as well as writing our own Stone Age story.


As geographers we will be finding out about specific areas of interest in Britain which relate to the stone age. We will name and locate counties and cities of the UK, geographical regions and their key topographical features. We will also use the symbols and key ordnance survey maps and generate four and six digit grid references.


As historians we will be learning about how life in Britain has evolved form the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. We will discover what everyday life was like, how their homes changed over time, hunting and gathering and the weapons they used, how food was prepared and cooked, Stonehenge and its importance as well as discovering  what they wore and how they made the jewellery that they wore.


As musicians we will continue to learn to play the violin and we will be learning how music was made in the Stone Age.


As artists we will be looking at the work of various  anonymous artists in the Stone Age and we will create our own cave paintings.


As design technologists we will be designing and making our own caves, models of Stonehenge and creating Stone Age jewellery.  


As dancers we will be learning a stone age dance with Miss Wendy.


As computer experts we will be using the interent to carry out our own research about the Stone Age.


As theologians we will be studying Christianity and the faith of Islam.


As scientists we will be learning about rocks and soils. We will identify the different types of rocks and conduct various experiments to assess the properties of rocks. We will look at fossils and investigate different types of soils.

Celebrating Success


This week the following children have been celebrated  

Jasmine McQueen - Being Kind

Oliver Mawdsley-Winstanley - Working hard

Dylan Baines- Trying his best

Well done, we are very proud of you all and keep up the good work.



Thank you very much for coming to watch our assembly. I am sure that you will all agree that the children were amazing! Mrs Doran and myself were extremely proud of all of them. They astounded us with their magnificent violin playing. WELL DONE YEAR 3

Get out, go green day 3!


Today the children have finished off some of their posters, finished off icing some of the cakes and dug up some of the potatoes which they are selling at sports day on Thursday.



Tuesday 23rd June


Today the children designed their own poster to promote our cake and plant sale. They decided that they would like to bake cakes and sell them at Sports day on Thursday to raise money to buy new seeds and plants to go back in to the vegetable patch. There will also be the opportunity to purchase some of the plants that the children have been growing.

The children were very busy today because they made all of the cakes that they needed to for the event. They also decided that it would be a good idea to raffle off a coupe of larger cakes which are kindly being donated to school by Mrs Parker, Kings Kids and Mrs Taylor. Thank you all very much.



This week, for Get out, go green week, year 3 have been busy sorting out Kings Meadow's vegetable patch. On Monday the children went and weeded all of the vegetable beds. They really enjoyed sorting through the beds looking for all of the weeds. They did a fantastic job too.

Stone Age Drama Day


The children had a wonderful fun packed drama day. Steve worked his magic and the children learnt lots more information about the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. The children really enjoyed performing to their parents at the end of the day. Well done year 3 you all worked brilliantly. Steve was very impressed with your behaviour and how much you managed to achieve in just one day!

My Money Week


This week we have been investigating which brands we prefer. The children tasted cheese thins, digestives, apple juice and ready salted crisps. The children recorded their preferences and created tally charts to identify the overall winners in each category. The children then used the information to create bar charts using ICT.



In English we have been learning about Myths. The children have listened and watched some famous Greek Myths. The children worked together in groups to retell the story of Daedalus and Icarus here are some pictures from their performance.

Daedalus and Icarus

In maths today, some of the children went on a hunt to find as many horizontal and vertical lines as they could. They had great fun finding lots of different lines in the building and outside on the field.

Another group of children used straws to create words or objects which used horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines.

Practical Maths

National Bird


Today Year 3 voted for the bird that they thought should be crowned National Bird of Britain. They all entered the polling station and voted in secret before posting their entries into the ballot box.



National Bird Voting

Tuesday 21st April 2015 Different rocks around school

Happy Easter

Welcome to Spain!

Today the children had a fantastic Spanish day. Everyone entered into the spirit of the occasion and dressed up in Spanish outfits. The children had an extremely busy day. They cooked frittatas, learned to play some Spanish music on their violins and they also performed a Spanish dance. In addition to this the children designed and made their own version of a Spanish fan, they used a computer program to design their own Picasso head and then they ended the day with a scrumptious Spanish feast!

Spanish Visitor


Spanish Feast

Bike it!


The children enjoyed cycling and scooting to school day. Everyone had a fabulous time completing their activities with Mary on the school playground.

Bike it day



As today was No Pens Wednesday we decided that it was the ideal opportunity to apply our knowledge of fractions to different types of games. The children had to match fractions to the corresponding diagrams, they also had to find fractions which they could add together to make 1 whole, in addition they had to find fractions of amounts in a loop game. A very productive maths lesson.

Fraction games

Should animals be kept in a zoo?


Following Year 1 and 4's recent trip to Blackpool Zoo, we decided to talk about whether animals should be kept in a zoo or should they just be kept in their natural habitat?

The children worked in groups to decide which of the points, that they had been given, were for and against animals being kept in a zoo. The children discussed each of these points within their group and shared their ideas. Two groups were asked to debate against animals being kept in a zoo and two groups were asked to debate for. The children came up with some valid points of their own and presented them clearly to the opposing group.  Great debating Year 3!


Our Class debate

Happy Mother's Day


Year 3 would like to wish their mums a very happy Mother's day. They have worked really hard to create a poem all about you and in addition they made you a flower to keep. We all hope you like them and you have a lovely day on Sunday.

I would just like to say how lovely they all looked today dressed in red for Comic Relief and thank you for your donations.

Happy Mother's day

Practical Maths


In maths this week we have been looking at measuring in cm, mm and meters. The children had great fun measuring different parts of their bodies.

Practical Maths


The children have been working extremely hard in their violin lessons. They are having so much fun and they are making brilliant progress.

Shadow Puppet Theatre


The children worked in small groups to retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood as part of our Fairy-tale theme for World Book Day. The children worked exceptionally hard to learn their lines and present their retelling as part of a shadow puppet theatre. This also links in with our science topic at the moment which is light. The children have been looking at shadows and how they are formed.

Shadow Puppet Theatre



The children went outside to investigate shadows and how they are formed. The really enjoyed exploring the different shadows they found.



Reciting Poetry


Year 3 have been learning poetry this week. As part of their work they had to work together as a group and recite a piece of poetry. The poem was all about teachers! The children worked really hard and they all came up with some fantastic actions to bring their poem to life.

Reciting Poetry

Storyteller week


We all enjoyed listening to some fabulous stories this week. Our week started by listening to an alternative version of The Little Pigs which we all really enjoyed. We were very fortunate to have two mums visit us and share some stories with us. We really enjoyed listening to these stories and using the props which you shared with us. Thank you very much Mrs Pilkington and Mrs Snowdon.



We are all really enjoying learning to play the violin. For the past few weeks we have been having a go at composing our own pieces of music. This has meant one person has conducted the group while the other children have performed it for the rest of the class.

Visit by Dr Donnelly.


Year 3 had a very interesting talk today by Dr Donnelly all about anatomy!  As part of our Science topic, we have been learning about our skeleton.  We learnt lots of new facts about our skeleton!  Thank you Dr Donnelly!