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noWelcome to Willow Class! frown

Our Class Teacher is: Mrs Lees


Our Super Teaching Assistants are: Mrs. Graham, Mrs. A. Roberts and Mrs Streeter.


Our topic this term is: Dungeons & Dragons!

Our author focus is: Helen Ward

Our class novel is: The Dragon Machine

We will also read, Puff the Magic Dragon, How to trap a dragon, The Egg and many more exciting dragon books.

We will read information texts on castles.

Our reading theme is: Classic Literature- our book focus will be , Alice In Wonderland. 


As Writers, we will practise our letter formations and begin to use joins. We will learn about different types of sentences: statements, questions, exclamations and commands. We will learn Kung Fu Punctuation to help us punctuate our sentences. We will extend our understanding to use apostrophes, commas and inverted commas. We will create story maps and retell stories. We will write instructions and poems.


As Actors, we will role play in our Castle role play area. We will take on the role as knights, dragons and damsels in distress. We will re-enact scenes from stories and create freeze frames.


As Mathematicians, we will learn about fractions, finding a half and a quarter of a quantity. We will continue to learn our 2x, 5x and 10x tables, deriving corresponding division facts. We will develop our understanding of money and solve problems in real life contexts. We will gather data in tally charts and create bar charts.


As Scientists, we will be learning about animals and their habitats. We will be able to identify differences between living and non-living. We will learn about plants.


As Artists, we will study dragon illustrations and create our own illustrations using pencil and ICT.  In D.T. we will create a dragon puppet and we will make shields.


As Historians, we will explore medieval times. We will research castles and explore castle life. We will visit a castle.


As Geographers, we will locate famous castles on a map. We will investigate where famous dragons come from. We will learn about Chinese culture. 



Wednesday - P.E.

Thursday - Dance


Maths and English is given on a Thursday to be returned the following Tuesday.

Reading - 15 minutes daily.

Spelling- Given out on Monday




This morning we had Bike it Breakfast which the children really enjoyed. This afternoon the children enjoyed going on to the field to ride their bikes.

Today the children watched M and M theatrical productions perform 'The Little Princess'.

It was an absolutely fabulous performance and kept year 2 entertained.

One Day Drama Day

Samuel Pepys Quill Writing

Firebird Music Performances

Great Fire of London pictures using an Ipad

No Pens Day Police Patrol

The Tunnel

Freya's Toadstool Kingdom!

The Children had a fantastic time making Pumpkin soup and bread rolls.

The Good Samaritan

The children worked in small groups to act out and retell the story of the Good Samaritan.