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Year 1

Welome to Year 1 laugh


Beech Class 

Class Teacher - Mrs Maddox

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Fleming and Mrs Streeter


smiley Important information - PE on Wednesday

                                             Dance on Monday


Homework - Reading daily



Topics for 2014-2015

Autumn - Who am I ?

Spring - Rumble in the Jungle

Summer Treasure

My Money Week

During 'My Money Week' 2015 Year 1 learnt a lot about how to look after money when they are adults and the important decisions to be made about what to do with money. In the photographs the class are working in small groups to discuss Money issues of, Spend, Save or Give. The children all had strong opinions and a lively debate was held in the classrooom.

Summer term - Year 1 found a mysterious message in their classroom and were sent outside to follow a set of clues. The clues led us to a Treasure chest full of Pirate booty. 'Ship ahoy me hearties'. Climb aboard for our new topic, 'TREASURE'

Summer term - Treasure


Dear Parents/Carers,                                   22.4.15                                                                                                                                       Year 1 will be receiving some homework to support lessons in school.

English given out Wednesdays and returned by Friday (or after the weekend if things are too busy).
Maths given out Fridays and returned by Monday.
Spellings will be sent home on Fridays and a test given the following Thursday.
Reading  - daily
Spelling test scores will be sent home for parent/carers to see and initial.
Homework is flexible and not to be stressful. Encourage children to complete the tasks to the best of their abilities. Please work in pencil not pen or crayon and neatest handwriting is expected. If you have any problems let me know.
Check  (Capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, tall and short letters, letters that descend under the line)


Many thanks

Mrs Maddox

Spring term

Year 1 visited Blackpool Zoo as part of our topic Rumble in the Jungle

On the afternoon of Friday 6th March Year 1 had a Road Safety lesson.

World Book Day Thursday 5th March

World Book Day Year 1 wearing Fairy Tale costumes.

On World Book Day Year 1 created their own Fairyland boxes and models.

In maths Year 1 have been learning direction by programming Bee Bots.

Spring term 2015

Our topic is about the Jungle and in music Year 1 have been learning to play percussion instruments and  experiment with Jungle rhythms.

Rumble in the Jungle

Little Red Riding Hood story telling with Pie Corbett actions

Year 1 Base Camp in the Jungle

Year 1 enjoy reading books about the jungle.

Members of year 1 enjoy a lunch time reading club.

Children in Need 2014

Friday 14th November

A group of Year 1 Superheroes can be seen using their super powers to find the answers to some challenging Stay and Count maths problems.


Stay and Count

Year 1 spent a great morning using Numicon to help them improve their counting skills.

Helping us was Mr Steve Rees the Sefton maths adviser. Thanks also go to Mrs Pearson for organising the event.

Halloween Disco

Take a look, if you dare!

Best Times

Here we can see some examples of Jackson Pollock's amazing art work and the artist himself in his New York Studio. As artists in Year 1 we have started our own Jackson Pollock style paintings and to give us more space for freedom of expression we took our art area outdoors! Mrs. Fleming bravely took on the challenge, armed with pots of coloured paints and wearing strong wellies and gowned up to the neck!!! So far the results have been wonderful. Here is a taster, with more to follow.

Jackson Pollock the artist and his work

Visit to the post box on Liverpool Road.

One Stop and Sandbrook Way

Year 1 walked around the local area of Kings Meadow School

Our topic this term is,  Who am I? and as Geographers we studyed the local area including the roads, homes, shops, church and clinic. We then posted a letter to our home address at the post box outside One Stop convenience store. There were many opportunities for a photo shoot and an enjoyable walk was had by all. Back at school we have been studying local maps and searching for our school and homes on Google Earth.

During Poetry Week Year 1 thought of 'Pie Corbett' style actions to accompany the poem Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson. It was great fun and very successful at helping us to remember it! Take a look at our photos!

Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson