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The EYFS Team 





We pride ourselves in providing a high quality educational provision and knowledgeable, dependable care for all of our young children.


We have a strong depth of experience and qualifications at Kings Meadow primary.  As Early Childhood professionals we encourage an environment in which young children can grow and develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually but most of all have fun whilst learning.  


We believe in the importance of working together with parents/carers to provide the very best for every individual child in our setting.  As a team, we believe working with parents creates the best environment for children and we recognise parents as the child's first educator, therefore, we value the thoughts, information and support that they provide.  


The children within our care are treated as individuals and all needs are catered for within the setting. 


We pride ourselves in a highly qualified team who are continually seeking out new training opportunities to provide enhanced care for your child. 





Meet Miss. Bayliff - TA Reception

Miss. Bayliff works really hard in Reception class and knows the children well.  She is always smiling and is very creative.  She likes to create fantastic role play areas for the children.

Favourite Foods - Roast dinner

Favourite Book - Trail magazine, crime books 

Hobbies - Climbing  mountains 🏔

How would you describe yourself? Adventurer, thoughtful, creative.








Meet Mrs. Dutton - TA Nursery 


Mrs. Dutton is fun, bubbly person who loves playing with children.  She is always there for cuddles for all who need it.  She is fantastic at setting up messy play activities and is our master chef leading 'bake off'  sessions every Friday! 

Favourite Food - Pasta

Favourite Book - Harry Potter

Hobbies - Exercising and self-care.  Loves sewing to make table runners! 

How would you describe yourself? - Fun-loving, friendly, proactive 







Meet Miss. Yates -  Teacher in Reception


Miss. Yates is an Early Years specialist who is passionate about creating exciting learning environments and activities for young children.  She works hard to plan challenging activities to ensure all children reach their full potential.  

Favourite Food - Avocado 

Favourite Book - The Alchemist

Hobbies - Yoga, running, reading 

How would you describe yourself? - Calm, hard-working, helpful.










Meet Miss. Buchanan - Teacher in Nursery


Miss. Buchanan is an Early Years specialist who is extremely committed to ensuring a tailored learning experience for every child in the nursery. She works hard to create a learning environment that motivates and inspires all children to step out of their comfort zones and become confident, independent learners.


Favourite Food- Pasta

Favourite book- The Secret

Hobbies- Exercising and reading  

How would you describe yourself? – Caring, Considerate and trustworthy






Meet Ms Chase- TA Nursery 

Ms Chase is a fun, friendly person who enjoys spending time with all the children in Nursery. 
She loves to get creative when it comes to baking, planning lots of exciting things to get all the children involved. 


Favourite Food-   Indian

Favourite bookBiographies

Hobbies- Baking, reading and walking

How would you describe yourself?Caring, approachable and kind