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Celebrating Success

Week 9 08.06.20

Reading and Phonics


Please continue with daily reading using the materials previously sent.  Also encourage you child to read any books you may have at home.  They might enjoy reading the bedtime story rather than you one night.

Please also continue to access the Read Write Inc sessions.  





For activity 2 choose the level of the activity that best suits your child's reading ability.



Last week we began our new topic - Pirates!  I hope you have enjoyed making your pirate hats and attending pirate school!  This week we are going to look at one of the most important things a pirate needs - the ship! Without a ship a pirate wouldn't get very far.  I have left 3 activities for you this week.  I would like you look at the powerpoint for activity 1.  Label the different parts of a pirate ship for activity 2 and for activity 3 I would like you to design your own pirate ship.



Purple Mash


I have set 3 more 2dos on Purple Mash.