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Celebrating Success

Week 8 01.06.20

Welcome Back!!


I hope you have all had a fabulous half term and have enjoyed the sunshine!  Before you have a look through this weeks work here are the photographs that I promised you of the swan and the cygnets that I took in the park.  

I also saved a photograph that I saw on Chester Zoo's social media during half term because it reminded me of all of you and our wonderful trip to the zoo!  I know how much baby Riva captured your hearts so here she is again playing in the sand! 


Reading and Phonics


Please continue to read daily at home using the links that were sent over last half term.  As I have mentioned before lots of new stories and information books are being added all the time so remember to regulary check to see whats new! 

Read Write Inc sessions for Sets 1, 2 and 3 conrinue to be availabe also.







For activity 1 you will need the photographs that I took in the park.


So this half term we start a brand new topic! I have found one of toys from my house to give you a clue! 

Yes that's right! This half term we are learning all about pirates so climb aboard me hearties and lets go on a brand new adventure!  Your job this week is to make sure you are a fully fledge pirate.  So I have attached the instructions for activity 1 so you can make your own pirate hat because we all have to look the part! Your second activity is pirate school.  We need to learn to talk like pirates too!  and finally for activity 3 I would like to draw a picture of you as a pirate and write about what you would do and where you would go.  

Purple Mash

I have added 3 more 2dos to Purple Mash for this week.