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Week 7 18.05.20

Reading and Phonics 

Please continue to read daily at home using the links that have been sent over the last few weeks.  New books are always being added to these sites so keep an eye out for new exciting stories! Read Write Inc lessons for Sets 1,2 and 3 continue to be available following the link on the main class page. 



Please practice our Year 1 common exception words this week:



You will need the following link to help you with activity 4:


So Year 1 as promised from my email on Friday this is what Oscar found in the garden!  If you guessed a birds egg you guessed correctly!!  We are not to sure what kind of bird we think it's maybe a dove.  But I have taken pictures for you to look at.  I have attached an activity on the life cycle of a chicken.  You could also draw what kind of bird you think has come out of the egg.  You could even design the bird a nest and include all the things that you think they would need/want in their nest.  Be creative! 


Well as you can see our plan to keep putting things outside the door to keep them coming back to visit is working!  You have messaged me this week with some brilliant ideas!  So I have tried my best to leave out a little bit of all of your ideas! What do you think?  I left them the games set up so they knew how to play them and the food on the picnic blanket for them to share.  Do you think the elves and fairies liked it?  You will soon know because they have left another letter!  When I woke up the next morning the food was gone and the had played the games!  I also found a letter!  This week they would like you to write a menu for a fairy and elves tea party!  They have said that they would like you to include sandwiches as well as cake.  What will you put in your sandwiches?  What else will you put on your menu?  Write it up and decorated it and send me a picture I would love to see them and read what you have put on your menu!

Purple Mash

I have added 3 more 2dos available from Monday 18th May.