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Week 6 11.05.20

Reading and Phonics 

Please continue to read as much as possible using the materials mentioned in previous weeks.  Please also keep referring to the Read Write Inc sessions again the links are already on the class page.

I will include again the link given last week for myON there is a lot of reading material that your child can read and enjoy one of our English activities is based around a book off this site this week.



You will need this link to the book for activity 4:


Year 1 look!!!  I think the elves and fairies are here to stay for a while they must be having fun with us!! They left me a note in the middle of the week to say that they had sent you all an email on Purple Mash to say that that they were going to come and look at your fairy houses.  In their letter they told me how super impressed they were with your ideas and creations they were so happy and I am super proud! So last week I asked for ideas to leave outside the fairy door and this was one of your ideas so I put their tea set out for them and left them some smarties.  The next morning the picnic was gone but they had left a table and little flower seats out.  On the table was a picture that they had painted.  I wondered what it was for.  Then I noticed their letter and I know that if you had been with me you would have shouted “open it!!” so I did! There was another letter, they had painted a picture of what they think a big human looks like and they are asking you if you can draw/paint pictures to show what you think they look like? I wonder if they will email you again this week? I wonder if they will write to me? It’s so exciting waiting to see what will happen! 
If you have any ideas of what we can leave outside their fairy door this week to hopefully make sure the elves and fairies come and play for another week make sure you email me on purple mash I look forward to hearing you ideas! 



Please follow the link below to BBC Bitesize science sessions.  There are some really lovely sessions about weather changes with some lovely activities to complete.

Purple Mash

I have set three more 2dos through Purple Mash.  These will be visable to you from Monday 11th May.