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Week 5 04.05.20

Reading and Phonics 

Please refer back to the links previously given for Read Write Inc lessons and reading materials.  Please also refer to the website offering free ebooks that was send out via parent mail last Thursday.





So Year 1 I think I am more excited than I was last week! We were so excited in our house to find the fairy door that Phoebe and Oscar wanted to make sure that they came back so we could have more adventures in our class. So they decided to leave them a picnic outside their door.  When we woke up this morning the elves and fairies had been out and had their picnic but they forgot to take their picnic blanket and tea set back with them! I will have to look after it for them until they come back and that’s where I need your help.  We put out a picnic to get the elves and fairies to come back but I need some ideas from you now!  What could I leave outside next, if you have any ideas email me through purple mash and I can do them and take photographs for you! They left you another note this week they would like you to design an elf or fairy house and possibly make it.  This could be in the garden with natural materials or with boxes and bottles inside.  Enjoy and have fun! I can’t wait to hear your ideas as to how we can get them to visit again! 😁

Purple Mash

Please check on Purple Mash for new 2dos set for this week.