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Celebrating Success


Welcome to Reception!

Welcome to Rowan Reception Class




We are all very excited to welcome you to our Reception Class.


Your New Teachers are: 

Class teacher - Miss. Yates

Teaching Assistant - Mrs. Lightfoot

Teaching Assistant/support - Mrs. Moir

PE Teacher - Mr. Wilkinson 

Dance Teacher - Miss. Wendy



Our Creative Curriculum


We carefully design a range of projects that develop children's thinking skills and imagination.   

You can read all about our projects here and feel free to add your ideas and suggestions. 


Follow the link for the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.


Important Days: 

Dance - Monday 

PE - Wednesday

Year 6 Big Buddy Afternoon - Friday.







There's a monkey on our bus!!!!!!

Spanish Day 2018

Easter Bonnet Parade 2018

smiley Listen to our favourite sunflower song!


The Mystery of the Glass Slipper!

Would you want to be a snow man...?

Snowy Day Adventures! 

We had great fun outdoors - we loved carrying out new investigations and exploring! 

Children In Need Day 
November 2017 

The children and their teddy bears came dressed in spots and stripes!  

We had great fun taking our bears for a picnic! 





Our Big Year 6 Buddy's 


Every child in Reception has a Year 6 buddy.  They have a very important role in helping the reception children to feel safe, secure and happy in school.   Every Friday afternoon, we spend time together and work on exciting activities.  Our class were officially welcomed to Kings Meadow Primary School.

Our Kings Meadow Primary School Song! 

The Kings Meadow Family


Sing along to the Addams Family Theme Tune! 



We’re happy and we’re smiling

We’re learning and we’re playing

We love to go exploring

At Kings Meadow Primary!


So come and get a move on

We got buddy’s we call on

Together we can move on

At Kings Meadow Primary


We’re happy and we’re smiling

We’re learning and we’re playing

We love to go exploring

With Kings Meadow Family!



We really loved exploring the story of Rama and Sita.  We re-enacted the story and made our own masks and puppets.  


We tried lots of new foods.  We especially loved the story of, 'The Runaway Chapati.'  

I'm glad ours didn't runaway...they tasted delicious! 




Th re-enactment of Rama and Sita



Check out this link to read the story of Rama and Sita together!

Run, run, as fast as you can't put me in the frying pan!

The Runaway Chapati...Read and enjoy together!


Thank you for all of your support at the Pumpkin Parade!  We had great fun and it was lovely to see you all!