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Welcome to Acorns


Teacher- Mrs. N. Bates

Teaching Assistants- Mrs. L. Dutton, Miss. R. McDonald


Session Times

AM- 8.45-11.45 am

PM- 12.15 pm- 3.15 pm

30 Hour offer- 9 am - 3 pm daily

Beginning of week- 9 am - 3 pm (Mon, Tue)

8.45- 11.45 am (Wed)

End of week - 12.15 pm - 3.15 pm (Wed)

9 am- 3 pm (Thurs, Fri)

Wrap- around care - by arrangement

Our learning environment

This half-term.........




We are sharing lots of stories linked to Spring and Growth including Mini Beasts and Farm Animals, such as The Very Lazy Ladybird, The Crunching, Munching Caterpillar,The Very Busy Spider, Jasper's Beanstalk, Rosie's Walk, Oliver's Vegetables, What the Ladybird Heard, Titch etc. You can help your child to learn mini beast and animal names and animal babies' names.


Our main text for Talk for Writing will be The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We will be working on reading, writing and ordering numbers, adding and taking away, sharing and comparing sets, 1 more and 1 less. We will also be having our very own caterpillars and hopefully see them grow into butterflies.


We will continue with story telling using our connectives of first, then, next, finally etc. and will make our own books based on the story. It is also the 50th anniversary of this text and will hopefully have a little birthday party for the caterpillar, which will provide writing and food preparation activities.


We are continuing to share lots of rhymes that have actions to engage the children and encourage active participation. our focus rhymes will be Incey Wincey, Old McDonald, Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Little Miss Muffet, Baa Baa Black Sheep. We will also continue to learn to recognise letter sounds, to identify what sound words begin with and to orally blend sounds- robot talk with Metal Mike. It would be great if you could help with these at home.


Preparing for School

Many of our children will be starting in Reception class in September. We work hard on developing the children's independence and self- care skills such as putting on their coats, zips, shoes, pouring own drinks, opening own packets, peeling fruit etc. It would be really helpful if children could learn to dress/ undress themselves at home ready for PE lessons, learn to manage their own shoes, coats and zips, and to manage their own personal care in the toilet and hand washing. 

Regular drawing/ mark-making/ writing/ dough/ threading/ building/ jigsaws etc will also help develop the strength and control needed for writing.





Important information.....


Session Times 

AM sessions- 8.45- 11.45 am.

PM sessions- 12.15- 3.15 pm

Beginning of the week- Monday/ Tuesday- 9am - 3pm, Wednesday- 8.45-11.45 am

End of the week- Wednesday 12.15- 3.15 pm, Thursday/ Friday - 9 am - 3 pm.

All attendance outside of these times will be charged at £5.20 per hour in half-hourly increments, where there is availability.



The children are provided with a healthy snack, fruit/ vegetables, milk and water in each session.

Snack money is £1 per week, or £1.50 per week if your child attends more than 15 hours. It is really important that all parents contribute to the snack fund to allow us to continue providing snack as well as baking activities etc.


Nursery Places

We still have a few afternoon and 30 hour places left in Nursery. To apply please call at the School Office.