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Welcome to Acorns Class Page

Class Teacher: Mrs. N. Bates

Teaching assistant: Mrs. L. Dutton




This half-term we are focussing on stories and rhymes based around food.

We have begun with the story of The Tiger Who Came to Tea. This included learning about tigers, mixing orange paint to paint tigers, stripey patterns, capacity in water play and retelling the story with story props. Initial sound awareness has been developed by sorting objects that begin with the 't' sound.


Our other key story will be The Gingerbread Man. This will provide opportunities for retelling stories in sequence, small world and puppet story telling, counting out sets of buttons from a larger set, matching numerals to quantity. We will also explore what happens when a gingerbread man is immersed in water, making comparisons and discussing our ideas about what will happen. Other explorations include making gingerbread dough.


Key rhymes include I'm a Little Teapot, 5 currant buns, and Pat-a-cake, Pat-a cake. These provide opportunities for counting, matching numerals to quantity, ordering numerals, language of tall/ short, up/down, counting coins and simple subtraction.


The rhymes and stories also link to the current café role-play, bakery dough play area, zoo and jungle small world play.


Towards the end of term we will focus on the celebrations of Mother's Day and Easter. This will include stories of Come On Daisy, The Golden Egg, When Will it be Spring?, What do you Like? and Owl Babies.

We will explore the changes that take place when cooking eggs and other changes of state.