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Welcome to Acorns Nursery


Class Teacher: Mrs. Nicky Bates

Teaching Assistants: Mrs. Laura Dutton, Miss. Beth Hamilton





Summer Term Topic


This term we will be focussing on plants and animals. We are beginning the topic with a focus on 'Vets and Pets'. We will move onto cover farm animals, wild animals and sea creatures. We have already planted some seed potatoes that we will harvest later in the term, and will plant vegetable seeds.


Focus stories for the first half term will include, Dear Zoo, Fetch the Vet, Oliver's Vegetables, Titch, as well as a range of relevant non-fiction texts.


We will be focussing on:

- Listening to and retelling familiar stories using puppets and props.

- Sequencing pictures to retell stories.

- Understanding and responding to questions.

-Making predictions, sharing our ideas.

- Pouring, rolling, shaping, pinching, stacking, balancing, twisting, screwing, cutting, spreading, mark-making and other manipulative and fine motor skills.

- Throwing, rolling and catching balls and other equipment.

- Using, carrying and storing large/ heavy equipment safely.

- Working co-operatively as a team and to help each other. (linking to story)

- Turn-taking through playing games.

- Initial sounds and rhyming words.

- Blending and segmenting sounds to support reading and writing.

- Correct letter formation for children's names.

- Names and properties of 3D shapes.

- Comparison of size, shapes, height, weight, width.

- Counting sets of objects and matching to numerals.

- Adding and sharing sets of objects.

- Learning about features of plants and awareness of different parts eg stem, leaf, root, flower.

- Learn the names of and observe features of different vegetables.

- Learn the names of and compare features of different animals.

- Match babies with adult animals.

- Observe and discuss changes in weather.

- Use relevant computer programs.

- Experiment with a range of painting, printing, collage, model-making and drawing to explore texture, shape and pattern. 

- Engage in 3D construction on a large scale and story role- play.

- Crafts related to Brazil.