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Nursery (Acorns)

Welcome to Nursery


Teacher: Mrs. N. Bates        

Teaching Assistants: Mrs. L. Dutton, Mrs. J. Lightfoot, Miss. B. Hamilton


Summer Topic


This term, we are learning about 'Growing'. We have caterpillars and tadpoles in class and have planted different seeds. We are focussing on nursery rhymes and stories linked to the topic along with counting rhymes. We will continue to share lots of repetitious texts to encourage the children to participate and retell them, using props wherever possible. We have a Nursery Rhyme of the Week. We learn it in school and send a copy home as well as ideas of how to extend your child's learning based around that rhyme. Included with this, is information about what the children have been learning that week.


                                                                     Beautiful Butterflies

The caterpillar to butterfly project was very exciting and created lots of learning opportunities across the curriculum. The children made lots of observations and recorded them in a diary. watching our butterflies emerge from their chrysalides was a wonderful experience, as was being able to look at them up close and then release them and watch them fly away. 







Outdoor Learning


Our outdoor space supports all areas of our curriculum. Some recent enhancements to our provision are supporting children's collaborative skills, problem-solving, gross and fine motor skills, understanding of shape, space and measure, mark making and writing, imaginative play and language, engagement with their natural surroundings and exploration of different textures.

Top Tots -Spring 2015

Easter and Eggs


At Easter, we explored eggs. We visited our chickens in school to find out where eggs come from. Then we listened to the rhyme of Humpty Dumpty and observed what happened when uncooked and cooked 'Humpty' eggs 'fell' off the wall.

We chopped and mixed egg to make egg mayonnaise, and after buttering our bread, we made and ate sandwiches for snack. They were delicious!!!


For further information on the EYFS curriculum and how to support your children, please follow the link below:


Parents' Guide 2015

Shared Reading will continue on Wednesdays. You are very welcome to stay and read with your child and to borrow a book to take home for the week.


Snack remains at £1 per week.