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Celebrating Success

Year 5&6 visit London!!

Children from years 5 and 6 have returned from a wonderful and memorable trip to London! 

The trip got off to a dramatic start when the coach would not start, delaying our departure by a couple of hours! Spirits were not dampened however and before we knew it, we were off on the motorway heading to the Capital. Stops en route were shortened and we arrived at the London Eye on schedule. As we walked up to the London Eye, the children were amazed by the grand scale of it! We queued for a short time with the children getting more and more excited! We soon boarded the capsules, year 5 in one and year 6 in another. As we got higher and higher, the children spotted more and more landmarks including Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The Shard, St Paul's Cathedral and even as far as Wembley Stadium. The rotation took 30 minutes meaning the children had lots of time to take pictures (and selfies!) throughout.

We departed the London Eye in the busy London traffic, but this, fortunately, gave the children chance to see many other landmarks such as Trafalgar Square, The Houses of Parliament and The River Thames.

We arrived for dinner at The Rainforest Cafe where there were tropical fish as well as monkeys, gorillas and birds in the trees. The children enjoyed a lovely meal and took in the wonderful surroundings. 

After a while, we set off to Drury Lane, home to one of the most iconic theatres in the West End. The children were treated to one of the most fantastic performances ever in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The acting, singing, stage and scenery changes were incredible. The pressure is now on for Years 5 and 6 upcoming class assemblies!

The following morning, the children enjoyed a wonderful buffet breakfast, which included sausages, hash browns, bacon, eggs, beans, toast, crumpets, muffins, cereal, fruit and anything else you could think of! We departed from the hotel and headed to the Science Museum where the children enjoyed lots of hands on experiences as well as a 3D movie at the Imax. After lunch, we headed over to the National History Museum where the children experienced what it would be like to be in an earthquake as well as seeing fossils and remains of creatures millions of years old!

It was a jam packed two days of learning, laughter and enjoyment. A trip that will live long in the memory. 

Please take time to have a look through all the photos below!