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Lockdown Kings Meadow Primary School Community

A message of support and thanks from our thoughtful Year 6. 😊


All of members of the Kings Meadow team were delighted to receive this heartfelt message from the Year 6 class. They had secretly managed to create this beautiful collage even under the nose of parent teacher, Mrs Pearson, without being discovered!

Many thanks to all the pupils, parents and carers who made this possible. 


VE Day - 75 Years

On Friday 8th May we celebrated the 75th anniversary of the end of the war in Europe. This day had been specially marked as a bank holiday to remember the sacrifices of those who fought in World War II and pay tribute to the armed forces and supporting organisations. We had plans of our own to celebrate it during the week in school. As an alternative we celebrated in our homes and gardens with tea parties and picnics. To share the event amongst our school community we created a montage of celebratory photos.

What I Am - Video



During the lockdown we asked pupils and staff to send in photographs or short video clips for a shared Kings Meadow Lockdown film. The response was overwhelming with nearly all of our staff and children rising to the call!


Our staff had lines from the song to illustrate and the children were asked to demonstrate the following characteristics and show themselves being thoughtful, musical, smart, brave, helpful, special, never giving up, super, proud, friendly,magical and grouchy!