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Lockdown 2020

Worldwide Pandemic - 2020


The worldwide pandemic of 2020 has recently changed our lives. We have never experienced or prepared for anything like this and it will be looked back on as an important historic event.

On Friday 20th March, the  whole of the country went into lockdown due to the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Schools, most shops, restaurants, cinemas, leisure centres and libraries all shut to ensure that as many people as possible remained at home. From this point many of the pupils at our school have been learning at home supported by their teachers, some have been able to come to school as they have parents who are key workers.

This page has been created to celebrate all of the hard work achieved during this difficult time and the positive attitudes shown by pupils at Kings Meadow. It also will give us a place to reflect on all of the community events that we participated in and the work pupils created to express their reactions and emotions to the lockdown. We thank each and everyone of you for sharing your thoughts, feelings and experiences with us. This page will remain part of our website as a lasting legacy of the resilience and determination you have shown.