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House Teams

This year we introduced a house system into the school to enhance PE as well as enabling children to bond with other year groups. As a school, we voted on British sporting heroes and the winners were chosen as the house names. These were: Sir Mo Farah, Sir Andy Murray, Sir Steve Redgrave and Dame Sarah Storey.


Every Wednesday during PE lessons, children from Reception to Year 6 compete against other houses in team games as well as showing individual skills to earn points for their house and these are accumulated over 4 weeks to see who will be the winning house for that period.

The winning house is rewarded with an extra hour of sports on Friday afternoons.


Every 4th Friday, KS2 children from each house meet up with their house leader and take part in various activities including quizzes, games against other houses, sports research and more. 


The children have really enjoyed being in their houses which has enhanced their PE lessons as well as a sense of belonging to a team. They are looking forward to competing in their teams at Sports Day!