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History & Geography



Learning about history through topics can be great fun. At Kings Meadow children are inspired to research events, they love thinking about people of the past, and especially enjoy all the bits that are gory or just plain mad (that’s why Horrible Histories is so popular)!

Early Years Foundation Stage

The early learning goals at EYFS are very much focused on the memories of the child. It may be that they are asked to remember a special event or routine . They may talk about differences between different family members or different generations.

Key Stage 1&2

History at Kings Meadow can be summed up into: ordering events in time (chronology), interpretations of history and historical enquiry. During our topics children will be asked to find differences and similarities between periods of time; write and discuss key events in the past; use different sources for information; ask and answering questions. 





Geography has developed from factual learning and is now a brilliant way of developing young children’s natural fascination for the world around them. At Kings Meadow we teach a topic  based approach; breathing life into geography to ensure knowledge will remain with children for the rest of their lives. Very simply, geography is about understanding the world by: comparing locations; investigating; researching different sources; writing and talking about places; asking and answering questions.

Early Years Foundation Stage

It may seem strange to think about your 3 or 4 year old child as a geographer. However, the years from birth to age five provide a first opportunity to see how your child interacts with their environment — and how the environment influences them. The early learning goals at EYFS aim to guide your child onto make sense of their physical world and their community by exploring, observing, and finding out about people, places, technology and the environment.

Key Stage 1 & 2

In Key Stage 1&2 children will focus on locational knowledge, place knowledge, human and physical geography and geographical skills and fieldwork. Each year they will focus on different aspects of these but will be building on their knowledge as they progress through the school.





To further aid our young people at Kings Meadow we like to set topic homework. Homework is given out and the end of each term (Autumn, Spring and Summer) and is used to excite children about their new topics. At Kings Meadow we want to encourage children to be independent learners and our topic homework helps to make this happen. 

Please support your child in furthering their understanding of our topics. The homework has been designed to allow a degree of flexibility. As ever, a comment from parents regarding the homework is welcomed.


Examples of topic homework

Educational Visits

There are thousands of locations and activities in the North West aimed to support geography and history skills. If you are interested in taking your little ones on educational visits to support their geography and history skills, along with many others, please follow the link below.