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A very warm welcome to Year 5

It is great to be back at school. We have a very exciting year of learning ahead of us. You will find the following information useful in the next couple of weeks as you settle into Ash Class.

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Your class teaching team is

Miss Adkins – Class teacher

Mrs Doran – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Roberts – Teaching Assistant


You will need to remember to bring your P.E kit on Monday and Wednesday. We will be swimming later on in the year.

From 18.9.18 we will be visiting the local woodland for our Forest School. Click on this link to check the clothes list. It is important that we dress for the weather! Our Forest School will take place each Monday afternoon it is a great way to learn about our curriculum subjects and ourselves, our friends and how to work as a team!

On Thursday you will be given homework, it should be returned to school by Tuesday. You should aim to read and learn your spellings on a daily basis. You will have a weekly spelling quiz on a Monday.

Our topic for this term is ‘Amazing Africa’. We will start with a study of the history of the Benin Tribe and it’s place in world history. We will take a visit to the International Slave Museum to give consideration to ‘Human Rights’ and study the range of flora and fauna of this incredible continent.


As historians we will be studying the history of Africa our activities will include:

  • Locating the Kingdom of Benin was and using sources to find out about time period we will be exploring.

  • Using primary sources to become history detectives building an fact base about The Kingdom of Benin from AD 900 to 1300.

  • Find out about the leaders of The Kingdom of

  • Benin and using the information to Role Play the lives of ordinary people of the Kingdom of Benin.

  • To find out about the decline of the Benin Empire.


As geographers we will be studying the continent of Africa using our geographical skills our

activities will include:

  • locating Africa and finding out about the countries that make up this continent.

  • Identifying the different landscapes that make up Africa and identify features.

  • Finding out about landmarks including Mt Kilimanjaro, Victoria Falls and the great Pyramids.

  • Finding out about the different animals found on the African continent.

  • Researching endangered animals in Africa and what can be done to protect them.

  • Finding out about the staple diet of many African countries. As well as finding out about tropical fruit in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Discuss the problems of malnutrition and famine.

  • Finding out about how our lives differ to that of many Africans. Including the need for clean drinking water.


As designers we will be studying Kple, Kple masks our activities will include

  • Evaluation of African Masks

  • Design and plan our own masks based on African animal research

  • Use structures to create our masks

  • Evaluate the masks


As artists we will be developing our skills in painting through our colour mixing, we will use digital media to investigate pattern, and look to create shade and depth in our sketching.

  • Activities will include:

  • Observational sketches of African animals

  • Replication of animal pattern using a range of printing techniques



As members of our community we will:

As members of our community we will look at the availability of education for children in different areas of Africa and how this impacts their lives and futures. We will be aiming to establish links with an African school.


As enterprising people we will:

As enterprising people we will investigate ways in which we can help to raise the profile of issues being faced by children in Africa and organise a porridge morning for Mary’s Meals


As people concerned with our environment we will:

We will also look at the methods Africans use to grow food and see if we can use these methods to help us save money by growing our own food.


In our spiritual and moral development we will:

In our spiritual and moral development we will explore the feelings that we have when we learn that people are discriminated against because of their background and culture. We will look at delicate issues and how we can raise awareness of discrimination and human rights

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Our class novel is ‘Journey to Jo’burg’ follow this link to discover more about the author Beverley Naidoo


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