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Welcome to Y4


A very warm welcome to Year 4, we have a wonderful year ahead of us.

The following information will be useful as you settle into life in Y4. 


Your class teaching team is

Miss Bee - Class teacher

Mrs Parker - Teaching Assistant


Swimming is on Tuesday 

PE is on Wednesday

Dance is on Thursday



Spellings will be given out on Tuesday and will be tested every two weeks.

Maths and English/Grammar will be given out on a Thursday and due in the following Tuesday


Our Topic this term is 'Amazing Romans' and we have lots to learn during this term.

As historians we will be studying life in Roman Times.

•We will be ordering events in Ancient Rome along a timeline developing our chronological skills. 

•We will compile questions to research and to ask a roman soldier (Ian Tulley).

•We will research what life was like in Ancient Rome using a range of artefacts and ICT. 

•We will study artefact from Ancient Rome (Ian Tulley Visit). 

Children will develop an understanding of the importance of different artefacts and how histrorians use these to piece together the past.


As geographers we will be studying the continents and oceans of the world. 

•We will be identifying continents on a map. 

•We will use an atlas to locate countries and seas.

•We will map the Roman Invasion in Europe and on a map of the UK. 

•We will describe how the roman invasion effected England.


As artists we will be studying Roman mosaics, Roman shields and Roman sculptures.

• We will be designing and planning a mosaic

• We will be creating our own mosaic using collage techniques.

• We will be designing and drawing a roman pot.

• We will be creating and sculpting a roman pot out of clay.


Our science topic is going to be exciting as we find out lots of information about items changing state. 

Make sure you ask us lots of questions about our topic.

And once we've finished with all that learning, we will just about have time for our class novel.

Our class novel is Aquila by Andrew Norris.


Please keep checking back to see all the wonderful things we get up to. 




Christmas Songs

49 Karaoke. Villancico Dulce árbol. 49.wma