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Welcome to Year 3!


Our Class Teacher: Miss Westfield

Our Teaching Assistants: Mrs Hayes,Mrs Roberts and Mrs Doran



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Dance is every Monday and PE is every Wednesday. Please ensure your child has their full PE kit on these days.

Reading books are given out every day, please read with your child as frequently as possible and write in their reading record.

Homework is given out on Thursdays and should be completed for the following Tuesday.

This year we are learning our 3, 4 and 8 times tables. Please continue to practise these regularly.

National Tree Week

National Tree Week 1 Our Dutch Elm Disease newspaper reports
National Tree Week 2 Our magical tree in the Land of Treats!



Our class researched the Elm tree and discovered the devastating Dutch Elm Disease that affected Elm trees all around Europe, Asia, America and New Zealand. We pretended we were reports in 1910, when the disease first came out. We wrote newspaper reports, warning people about the disaster and giving advice about how they can help. 




We did an investigation to find out the ages of the trees on the school grounds. We measure 1 metre from the ground, measured the circumference and divided it by 2.5 . This gave us the age of each tree!




Our art was inspired by our class novel 'The Folk of the Faraway Tree' by Enid Blyton. The main character refuses to believe in the Faraway Tree - until she is taken to the Land of Treats! We used bright oil pastels to create our own magical, abstract treat tree!

Children in Need Day!

Children in Need Day! 1
We raised money as a school by coming in mufti, dressing up teddy bears and taking part in the colouring competition. We had so much fun learning about what Children in Need is and why it is so important.


We had a visitor from Woodlands Animal Sanctuary who told us all about Hedgehogs! We had fun stroking him and watching him walk around our classroom!


3 Times Tables

4 Times Tables

8 Times Tables

Spring Term:


Our topic this term is Spectacular Spain.


As readers we will read a variety of texts including Flotsam and Flat Stanley. We will learn about authors and poets and how they use images and language to capture the readers attention.


As writers we will learn about similes, metaphors, alliteration, apostrophes, direct speech and paragraphs. This will help us to write our own narratives, reports, poems and information booklets. 


As actors we will use role play to act like travel agents, exchanging currency and booking holidays.


As mathematics we will be able to add and subtract money, solve missing number problems, compare and order fractions and measure lengths in cm and m. 


As scientists we will learn about light and dark, how shadows are made, and how to reflect light. We will also discover what plants need to grow through practical experiments and recording data.


As historians we will learn about historic buildings and tourist attractions in Spain, traditional Spanish dancing and bull fighting. 


As geographers we will locate Spain in an atlas and identify its physical and human characteristics. We will know facts about the capital and major cities, and use 2 figure grid references to find places on a map.


As artists we will learn about the Spanish artist Joan Miro and draw paint and sculpt in the style of his work.


As designers we will follow a recipe to make our own Spanish snack. 


As dancers we will have the opportunity to learn an Spanish dance and perform in a class assembly.


As musicians we will learn to play the violin. We will play and perform with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression.


As athletes we will develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance through participating in a variety of sporting games.


As linguists we will learn how to say and write animals and musical instruments in Spanish.


As theologians we will learn about Christianity. We will learn about Jesus' miracles and whether he could really heal people, and all about the Easter story and why it gives Christians hope.