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Welcome to the Year 3 class page!



Our Class Teacher is Miss Westfield.

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Hayes.


Important Information:


Dance is on a Monday and P.E. is on a Wednesday. Please ensure children have their PE kits in school on these days.


Homework is given out every Thursday and due back in the following Tuesday.

Reading books are sent home every day. Please ensure you read as much as possible at home with your child. 

Spellings are given out on a Monday and spelling tests are a week on Friday. 


Spring Term:

Our topic this term is Spectacular Spain.


As readers we will read a variety of texts including novels, poetry, plays, instructions and mystery stories. We will learn about authors and poets and how they use language to capture the readers attention.


As writers we will learn about time connectives, fronted adverbials, paragraphs, inverted commas and onomatopoeia. This will help us to write our own postcards, information leaflets, reports and shape poems.


As actors we will use role play to act like travel agents, exchanging currency and booking holidays. We will also have the opportunity to dress like Spanish dancers and learn a Spanish dance. 


As mathematics we will be able to know the properties of 2D shapes, add and subtract money, compare and order fractions and measure different lengths.


As scientists we will learn about light and dark, understanding light sources and reflectors and reflective materials. We will also study a variety of rocks and their properties. 


As historians we will learn about the physical and human characteristics of Madrid, researching Spanish bullfighting, compare Spanish tourism to our own and look at the life of the artist Miro.


As geographers we will locate Spain in an atlas and identify its physical and human characteristics. We will compare Spain to own country, finding the similarities and differences in weather, tourism and school.


As artists we will draw, create collages and paint in the style of Miro. 


As designers we will sculpt cartoon creatures in the style of Miro.


As chefs we will prepare and taste some Spanish food.


As dancers we will create a range of sequences of traditional Spanish dance.


As musicians we will learn to play the violin. We will play and perform with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression. 


As athletes we will develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance through participating in a variety of sporting games. 


As linguists we will learn basic Spanish such as greetings, months of the year and instruments.


As theologians we will learn about Christianity. We will learn about key aspects of religion, especially the people, stories and traditions that influence beliefs and values of others. 





Bike It Breakfast

Bike It Breakfast 1
Bike It Breakfast 2
Bike It Breakfast 3
Bike It Breakfast 4
Bike It Breakfast 5
Bike It Breakfast 6
Bike It Breakfast 7
Bike It Breakfast 8
Bike It Breakfast 9
Bike It Breakfast 10
Bike It Breakfast 11
Bike It Breakfast 12
Bike It Breakfast 13
Bike It Breakfast 14
Bike It Breakfast 15
Bike It Breakfast 16
Bike It Breakfast 17
Bike It Breakfast 18
Bike It Breakfast 19
Bike It Breakfast 20
Bike It Breakfast 21
Bike It Breakfast 22
Bike It Breakfast 23
Bike It Breakfast 24
Bike It Breakfast 25
Bike It Breakfast 26
Bike It Breakfast 27
Bike It Breakfast 28
Bike It Breakfast 29

Our Class Assembly 'Spectacular Spain'

Our Class Assembly 'Spectacular Spain' 1
Our Class Assembly 'Spectacular Spain' 2
Our Class Assembly 'Spectacular Spain' 3
Our Class Assembly 'Spectacular Spain' 4
Our Class Assembly 'Spectacular Spain' 5
Our Class Assembly 'Spectacular Spain' 6
Our Class Assembly 'Spectacular Spain' 7
Our Class Assembly 'Spectacular Spain' 8
Our Class Assembly 'Spectacular Spain' 9
Our Class Assembly 'Spectacular Spain' 10
Our Class Assembly 'Spectacular Spain' 11
Our Class Assembly 'Spectacular Spain' 12
Our Class Assembly 'Spectacular Spain' 13
Our Class Assembly 'Spectacular Spain' 14

Violins Performance


This term in Year 3 we are learning to play the violin with Sefton Music Service.

We held a performance for all our parents and guardians to show off our fantastic skills!


Here are some pictures of the day:




Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

'Meet The Pharaoh' Egyptian Workshop


As part of our topic this term, Year 3 discovered what life was like in Ancient Egypt in an interactive afternoon by Wicked Workshops! Children met Amhohep, a Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, and assisted him in planning the construction of his Pyramid.

They discovered just how unimaginably heavy the limestone blocks were that the Ancient Egyptians used in the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza, and uncovered precisely what the angle of a Pyramid should be (after all no one wants a wonky Pyramid!).


Children then discovered how Mummies were made through becoming Royal Embalmers. The Practitioner took them step by step through the gruesome mummification process and volunteers bravely demonstrated how it was done.


The great Pharaoh Amhohep also looked for his subjects to prove that they are ready to build his Pyramid in the ‘What would a Pharaoh do?’ quiz round. Children proved wise enough the pass the challenge and heard some fascinating Egyptian stories and facts.


Here's some photo's to show you all the fun we had!

'Meet The Pharaoh' Egyptian Workshop

'Meet The Pharaoh' Egyptian Workshop 1
'Meet The Pharaoh' Egyptian Workshop 2
'Meet The Pharaoh' Egyptian Workshop 3
'Meet The Pharaoh' Egyptian Workshop 4
'Meet The Pharaoh' Egyptian Workshop 5
'Meet The Pharaoh' Egyptian Workshop 6
'Meet The Pharaoh' Egyptian Workshop 7
'Meet The Pharaoh' Egyptian Workshop 8
'Meet The Pharaoh' Egyptian Workshop 9
'Meet The Pharaoh' Egyptian Workshop 10
'Meet The Pharaoh' Egyptian Workshop 11
'Meet The Pharaoh' Egyptian Workshop 12
'Meet The Pharaoh' Egyptian Workshop 13
'Meet The Pharaoh' Egyptian Workshop 14
'Meet The Pharaoh' Egyptian Workshop 15
'Meet The Pharaoh' Egyptian Workshop 16
'Meet The Pharaoh' Egyptian Workshop 17
'Meet The Pharaoh' Egyptian Workshop 18

3 Times Tables Song

4 Times Tables Song

8 Times Table Song